Replacement Conservatory Roof Knutsford

A replacement conservatory roof for your Knutsford home can be truly transformational, turning a flawed space into superb extra living accommodation.

At PCL, we are approved manufacturers and installers of the SupaLite roofing system, this, as the name implies, the lightest conservatory roof available as a replacement in Knutsford or anywhere in the UK.

As we will detail in this page, these roofs have a range of benefits, key, though, is that they can be fitted to any conservatory structure and fixing the inherent problem with most conservatories – the fact that they are too hot in summer, too cold in winter.a replacement conservatory roof in Knutsford

A SupaLite roof is made to withstand any UK weather conditions, this is increasingly important as weather becomes more extreme, with hot summers and significant snow during many winters. 

Traditional glass or polycarbonate-roof conservatories are too hot in the summer and too cold in winter, this is because the roof magnifies the prevailing conditions. Other replacement roof solutions can be problematic, if they are poorly designed, snow can settle and the weight potentially causes the whole structure to fail.

Our replacement conservatory roofs, manufactured in our Manchester workshop before being fitted on site, remove these issues. 

These are roofs with full regulatory approval, this achieved through our partnership with JHAI, nationwide specialists in building approval. In short, your conservatory roof will come with a building regulations certificate, this is important to ensuring the conservatory remains insured. 

Replacement Conservatory Roof Knutsford – Extra Living Space

Of course, regulatory approval is required, but it is not why people seek a replacement conservatory roof in Knutsford. Our roofs tackle a core issue, that a room designed to be superb extra space ends up being useful only as extra storage.

The SupaLite system from PCL rights a wrong, it turns the conservatory into what it always should have been, essentially space that is every bit as useful as a full extension. Our conservatories are used for a wide range of purposes; in Knutsford and Cheshire they have been used as secondary lounge areas, home gyms, home cinemas, games room, kids rooms and more besides.

With a stunning internal fit, potentially including sky lights and spot lighting, these conservatories are converted into rooms that have aesthetic appeal both inside and out. The roofs come in a range of styles and so whereas many conservatories can look like a bolt-on to the rest of the house, yours will blend in.

See conservatory roof styles

The tiles are a core component of the roof, and here there are two options – Extralite and Tapco.

Extralite are some seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials and yet built to withstand whatever the Hale climate has to throw at them. They come with a 40-year guarantee and are almost maintenance free.

Tapco are tiles made from A-rated fire composite slate; they have the look of real slate as they are made via moulds that include the genuine peaks and curves of this superb material.

Further details and images of the tiles in use in recent projects are available via the links below.

A welcome result of this is that the work typically pays for itself and often more besides in boosting the property value. Any would-be buyer is getting superb extra living space rather than flawed floor space that they might even consider simply knocking down.

Selling your house might be far from your mind once you’ve upgraded the conservatory, but there are energy bill savings too, these achieved because the room is so much cheaper to heat in winter. With energy costs only going one way, these savings will grow further too. Our roofs have a U-Value of 0.18, this is the joint best of any replacement conservatory roof available. 

We believe there are compelling reasons to consider PCL when looking to replace your Knutsford Conservatory Roof. Our roofs makes the conservatory usable all year round, they have building regulations approval, they are long lasting and guaranteed. In choosing PCL you also benefit from a company who are the longest-established full replacement roof suppliers in the UK.  Plus, we can take care of your windows, doors and cladding too!

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