Make the most of natural light with skylights or Glass Panels

Control the temperature of your conservatory whilst making the most of natural light with a combination of our tiled roof system and glass panels or skylights

This roof style has excellent U-value properties and effective solar control, meaning you can regulate the temperature of your conservatory whilst allowing plenty of natural light to flow through.

Unlike traditional conservatory roofs, the technology behind it means your conservatory will be cool and comfortable on hot sunny days and warm and cosy on cold winter days. Plus, you won’t have to climb up ladders to clean your roof!

Beautiful sky light glass panels

The best of both worlds

Now you can have the best of both worlds – a fully insulated tiled roof with glass panels in the roof. How good is that? And this style of roof gives you extra choice – you can still select either aggregate tiles or Tapco slate tiles in a range of colours, but you can also choose from a selection of glass.

The roof will still possess superb U-value properties and outstanding solar control. The roof together with the glass panels looks amazing and you can add french or bi-folding doors and windows to give the room an airier feel.

  • Solar glare is reduced to create a beautiful ambient environment
  • Superb U-Value properties.
  • Skylights and the glass panels help reduce energy costs and keep your conservatory warmer in the cold months.
  • A self-clean coating with a microscopic film that helps daylight and rainwater break down and wash away the dirt and grime from the glass
  • Manual cleaning is significantly reduced due to the self-cleaning technology

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Versatile sky light - glass panels

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