Warm Roof Benefits

Replacing your conservatory roof with a warm roof system can be an upgrade that adds real value to your home. It can add monetary worth as well as usefulness and aesthetic appeal.

Maintain a comfortable temperature all year round

Traditional conservatories aren’t the most habitable places. In the summer months, the temperature rises to sweltering levels, and in the winter, it’s like stepping into a large refrigerator.

A lightweight tiled roof solves both of these problems. The well-insulated roof controls the temperature, meaning you can access the room all year round.

Replacement conservatory warm roof extension

Create an Extra Room

Always dreamed of having that extra room? If you’re using your conservatory as a storage, laundry, or summer room, or hardly using it, then it’s time to rethink. Get the office you’ve needed for months, the extra bedroom you want for guests, or that chillout room where you can watch TV, practice yoga, arts and crafts, or simply relax and chill in.

Whatever function you want your conservatory to serve, a replacement lightweight roof can make it happen.

The lightweight tiled roof system has undergone exhaustive testing, design, and re-design to arrive at an extremely versatile product that can be adapted into a warm roof for every conservatory roof design and configuration. Not many replacement roof systems are as fully compliant with building regulations as our roof is.

Our warm roofs and extensions will make all the difference

Benefits of our sealed Warm Roofs

  • Extremely energy efficient – An incredible U-Value of 0.18 to as low as 0.13 is achievable which exceeds all current building regulation requirements
  • Saving on heating costs in that room
  • Building Regulations Compliant – Every roof is engineered and tested to meet all Building Regulations for complete peace of mind
  • Guaranteed – 10-Year Guarantee on Roof components
  • Tried and Tested – structural core designed to take the stress away from existing frames
  • Decreases air leakage/infiltration
  • Reduces condensation leak
  • Transforms a conservatory into an extension
  • Adds value to your home
  • Gives you more living space
Supalite replacement conservatory warm roofs

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