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Aluminium Sliding Doors are the perfect solution when there is a limited area of space that may hinder the use of the Bi-Folding style. Slimmer frames, more glass, and awesome views are the signature factors of Aluminium Sliding Doors. Our sliding doors have 2, 3 or 4 panels to fit your space. The incredibly slim sash sightline makes the most of the glass area whilst delivering the coveted light, airy feel, and clean aesthetics.

Stacking the panels together when opened creates a neat minimalist appearance giving your home a spacious feel. With insulated profiles and high specification safety glass, your new Aluminium Sliding Doors will keep your house warm and secure while helping to lower your heating bills.

Our sliding doors boast some of the very best traction, ensuring smooth operation even on the largest sashes. And with four locking points on the gearing, the result is a highly secure door.

Just slide your new Aluminium Sliding Doors back to fully open your home and enjoy the fluidity from your house to your outside space.

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High Security Locks

Ultion 3-star Locks with 'lockdown mode'

Standard run-of-the-mill locks for bi-folds and doors can be opened in as little as 9 seconds by a determined intruder with only a crowbar and a pair of strong pliers! The Ultion lock is manufactured using materials that are 25% denser than iron, and twice the number of pins compared to the average lock.

20-point drill protection as standard, and featuring a ‘lockdown mode’ which renders the lock virtually impenetrable without heavy-duty, noisy power tools.

Add this to a 6-point locking system (compared to the standard 3) and you have a market-leading and highly secure door.

displaying an exploded image of the Ultion 3 star lock with Lockdown mode.

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Cills & Thresholds

Pre-Drilled screw ports, colour matched end caps, with choice of options.

Cills are available in a choice of colour, and size. 90mm, 150mm, 190mm. & 230mm.

Thresholds have a standard size of 55mm however we offer a low threshold of 20mm. and optional ramp accessory on the low threshold.

colours include Anthracite, White, and Black. with bespoke colours available on request.


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Entrance Doors

Add instant kerb appeal to your home with our extensive range of beautiful hand built front entrance doors.

Your front door is multipurpose – its main job, of keeping your dwelling safe and warm is a given, but it is also the gateway to your home and therefore can be designed to reflect your individuality.

Available in a wide range of colours and styles your new door will make your house the envy of your neighbours. No door is complete without some stunning hardware to finish it off. Each piece of hardware is engineered for enhanced strength and durability, whatever your style preference.

And each door offers enhanced security thanks to its rigid polymer sub frame, high density insulated core and high impact resistant GRP skin.

Rest assured that our doors are tried, tested, and trusted, keeping you and your family safe.

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