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Tiled Conservatory Roof

Our lightweight tiled conservatory roof enables you to create an all-year-round conservatory or transform your conservatory into an extension using the same footprint!

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By adding a solid tiled roof you will be almost eliminating extreme temperature changes and creating a steady warmth in winter and staying cool in summer.  Replacement conservatory roofs made using high-quality, durable materials offer improved insulation, giving you extra thermal efficiency and energy savings. This means you save money on your energy bills.

With a fast build time, and pre-cut before delivery it can be installed as part of a new build conservatory or to replace your existing conservatory roof.

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Plenty of bespoke options to choose from

If you’ve fallen out of love with your conservatory, or it’s not as relaxing to sit in as it once was, a tiled conservatory roof is a perfect choice.

Choose from our range of synthetic slate tiles in a range of colours to complement your home. Your conservatory with its new solid tiled roof will then look like an extension.

Light reflects into the room without causing glare and the ceiling is finished off with a plaster finish left for you to paint once the plaster has dried.  The ceiling is often painted white which again creates a light and airy feel.

Your conservatory with a PCL conservatory roof will look like an extension, have better thermal properties and be stronger than ever!  

Extension kitz finished extension

The benefits of a warm conservatory roof

The warm roof system is so energy efficient you’ll see immediate benefits. Creating a comfortable space to use 365 days a year. Not only will a tiled conservatory roof retain warmth in the winter, but it will also keep your conservatory cool on sunny days too which is especially useful if you have pets or are wanting to use this space for long periods of time, such as a hobby room, or relaxing reading room.

Eliminating noise from the rain and wind, your conservatory can once again be a relaxing space for you and your family to take advantage of. Tiled roofs also eliminate any leaks experienced with lightweight polycarbonate roofs.

So, if you need a guaranteed roof solution to bring your conservatory back to life, our conservatory roof transformation products can drastically improve your the space with its lightweight tiles, roof vents and lighting options.

We are the longest established full replacement conservatory roof suppliers with the most experience in the UK and project manage everything for you including design, Building Regulations, and installation.

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Our PCL roof system has been specifically tailored to meet building control standards

Don’t settle for second best, insist on our tiled conservatory roof which is tried and tested with homeowners and carries full Building Regulations approval. The warm tiled roof system we supply and manufacture has gone through rigorous testing and has been subject to extensive research producing a compliant and resilient product approved by Building Regulations.

All documentation and certificates are available upon request.

Reasons to choose a new conservatory replacement roof

  • Retains warmth in winter months
  • Keeps your conservatory incredibly cool on sunny days
  • Dramatically decreases fuel bills due to increased thermal efficiency
  • Eliminate any leaks previously experienced
  • No Rain, wind or wildlife Noises
  • Eliminates almost all glare
  • No more cleaning dirty roofs
  • Provides a safe and cosy space 365 days a year
Kitchen extension Decorated

Weather Resistant and strong.

High winds may cause damage to buildings, but in this case, the tree is no match for our roof!

Is your conservatory roof ready for adverse weather? Is it strong enough to resist damage and solid enough to reduce the noise? Ours is! And our roof is even strong enough to stand on.

With our roof you will be able to enjoy your conservatory comfortably and safely in an ambient temperature, whatever the weather!

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PCL Built conservatory roof versus tree

Don't be fooled by sub-standard ‘clad overs’ that claim to do the same job

Clad overs don't last the test of time !

There are many ways your conservatory can be ‘re-roofed’ and some methods are much cheaper than others. One such example is a ‘clad-over’ in which tiles are fitted over the existing roof structure – this is very likely to overstress the existing roof and wall structure.

Our roof is a full replacement system which is specially designed for conservatories. The old roof structure is completely removed, and our roof system is installed in its place. Replace the WHOLE ROOF!

A lightweight tiled warm roof will add extra strength to the structure and also cost savings in fuel bills due to its superb thermal properties.

Fully Building Regulations Compliant

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Our Roof can be finished With Synthetic Tiles in 4 colours.

We will have the perfect tile option to match your home. Click on the links below to view our wide range of roof tiles colours.

Steel Shingle Roofing Tiles
Steel Shingle Roofing Tiles
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Tapco Tile
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We have a range of optional extras to add that finishing touch to your conservatory roof

Our tiled conservatory roof can be used on all types of conservatories, with glass or polycarbonate roofs.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that arise when customers are considering having our lightweight replacement conservatory roof installed. This FAQ section answers some of the most common questions we come across.

If what you had in mind is not mentioned here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our roof system provides real value:

  • Retains warmth in the winter months.
  • Incredibly cool on sunny days even in direct sunlight.
  • Eliminates noise from rain, wind and wildlife

Planning permission is not required to install our tiled conservatory roof, as you are only replacing a roof on your existing conservatory.

Yes, they are. We take care of the building regulations on your behalf and provide you with the relevant paperwork.

People often worry that replacing their glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with our lightweight tiled roof system may make their space dark. This is not the case. The internal roof is completed with a plastered finish ready to be painted white. The ceiling pitches upwards and is quite spacious creating a large surface area for the white paint to reflect the light from all of the surrounding windows. The room will in fact be very bright and airy. There are also options to add even more light by opting for roof windows.

This is very much dependant on each job as size, specifications and complexities need to be taken into account. However on an average job, the old roof can be removed in a day and the frames for the new roof can be installed the following day. The boarding, tiling and internal plaster boarding take a further few days on average. The final stage, the internal plastering, typically takes a full day. This is all done with minimal disruption to your home.

A log burner can indeed be installed with our lightweight tiled roof.

Yes it can. Our sales team can guide you through the options available to you. Many of the roofs we’ve installed have been in addition to building work being carried out such as removing the dividing wall and opening up the conservatory into an adjacent room.

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