Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors - BUY DIRECT FROM OUR FACTORY

External Bi-Folding doors open your living area by bringing a little of the outdoors – indoors.

The full-height, glazed panels allow you to enjoy plenty of natural light throughout the seasons.

The number of panels you want will depend on the size of your opening.

Whether you have 2 sashes, 3 sashes, or as many as 7, they can be customized to suit your requirements and you will find the doors remarkably easy to operate.

External close bifold

Even better performance

We are now manufacturing super-slim sightlines of just 107mm, providing even better views with fewer interruptions. These give an improved window energy rating (WER) now rated B, increasing energy efficiency throughout the home.  Keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. These bi-folds now have even better performance with an ultra low U-Value of just 1.4W/m2k and are Building Regulations compliant.

Our Bi-Fold doors feature a deadlock system with multiple points locking the main door and shooting bolts for high security, instead of simply at one point. There’s also an outstanding track and roller system that’s easy to operate and easy to maintain. Super-tough polyester powder coating resists damage from scuffs and day-to-day knocks. Add to that a wide range of options and this is a bifolding door that can go anywhere.

Our Aluminium Bi-Fold doors  offer a modern, contemporary look combined with the ultimate in lightweight strength and thermal efficiency. Buy direct from our factory and feel safe in the knowledge that you will purchase a  quality product tailor made to your requirements that comes with a 10year guarantee.

High Security Locks

Ultion 3-star Locks with 'lockdown mode'

Standard run-of-the-mill locks for bi-folds and doors can be opened in as little as 9 seconds by a determined intruder with only a crowbar and a pair of strong pliers! The Ultion lock is manufactured using materials that are 25% denser than iron, and twice the number of pins compared to the average lock.

20-point drill protection as standard, and featuring a ‘lockdown mode’ which renders the lock virtually impenetrable without heavy-duty, noisy power tools.

Add this to a 6-point locking system (compared to the standard 3) and you have a market-leading and highly secure door.

displaying an exploded image of the Ultion 3 star lock with Lockdown mode.

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Cills & Thresholds

Pre-Drilled screw ports, colour matched end caps, with choice of options

Cills are available in a choice of colour, and size. 90mm, 150mm, 190mm. & 230mm.

Thresholds have a standard size of 55mm however we offer a low threshold of 20mm. and optional ramp accessory on the low threshold.

Colours include Anthracite, White, and Black. with bespoke colours available on request.


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See How Our Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Work

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors
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How to toe and heel a bifold door


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