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Insulate A Conservatory Roof
How To Insulate A Conservatory Roof
19th October 2023

A conservatory should be a light and airy place to entertain or to sit and view your beautiful garden. However, when temperatures drop, many conservatories become too chilly to use. Your beautiful – and costly –  conservatory becomes home to a pile of ironing rather than the relaxed space you had hoped for. If your […]

Can Our Garden Rooms Help Beat The Heat?
19th July 2022

Proof our Garden Rooms really do turn down the heat! You really can beat the heat & stay cool in our Garden Rooms. Today is the 19th of July 2022, and we’re in the midst of the hottest day of the year! In greater Manchester temperatures are climbing beyond 37C! The BBC has mentioned that […]

Is your home difficult to sell. Has it devalued?
18th July 2022

The ways that a homeowner can lose money on a property when trying to sell are as follows:  Kerb appeal or lack of– long grass, big weeds, uneven driveway, unkempt bushes, stray bikes, rotten cars under covers, etc all turn a buyer off. The physical state of the building– damaged fencing, gates, rotten wood, rotten […]

Add Value to your Home !
18th July 2022

Several simple ways to improve the resale value of your property and find out why your home may be losing value by clicking here.. External Value Boosters! Landscape your Garden:  trim your trees and sculpt your hedges, even a simple mow and a tidy-up will work wonders. Build Decking: Decking has long been a buyer’s […]

High Peak – July 2022
1st July 2022

We wanted a new rear extension to replace an old conservatory. Phil visited us numerous times and helped design the SIP single storey extension. The workmen turned up on time every day and were respectful and polite throughout the build. In addition, all building materials were also on site in good time. We would have […]

Can A Conservatory Roof Be Replaced?
1st June 2022

Conservatory owners have many common questions – why did I buy this? and Why is it always so hot in here (or so cold in winter!) chief among them. There is another regular question, and one which looks to solve the problems inherent in so many conservatories – can a conservatory roof be replaced? The […]

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?
18th February 2022

For many homeowners, having a conservatory is huge benefit to their property to increase the size of their home and add that much-needed room, whether it be a kitchen extension or home office. However, for those who decide to go ahead with having a conservatory built, there are some unwanted concerns and extra hassle.

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