Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms created from structurally insulated panels

Garden rooms have become more and more popular over the last few years. So many of us want that extra space for so many different reasons. Be it a calm space, a sanctuary, a place to store “stuff”, a summer house, a studio, a playroom, a music room, a “man” or “she” cave, or an annexe for a friend or family member to live independently.

Whatever your purpose, our garden rooms created from structurally insulated panels will provide you with a room that is strong, insulated, and of residential quality.

The possibilities are many and varied, and we can give you the perfect solution.

Why Choose our Garden Rooms?

Our Garden Rooms can give you the extra affordable space you require. The structure can be used for a host of possibilities. Garden rooms, Home Working Studios, Home Gym, Home Spa, Home Cinema, Airbnb Extra Income Lets, Gaming rooms and much more.

  • 3 x stronger than the traditional bricks and mortar build
  • Finest residential quality
  • A fully insulated SIP panel system gives the best possible insulated space
  • Can be installed in a much shorter space of time than a traditional build and with less disruption
  • Can be an attached extension to your home or a detached stand-alone garden room
  • Bespoke build to your individual requirements
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Utilising available outside space to create additional living accommodation can be life-changing. Whatever your requirements, allow PCL to provide more information.

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