“Staycation” is the new buzz word on the street. Whilst we are in the midst of a global pandemic it seems that the safest thing to do is stay home here in the UK. Whilst some of you might risk taking a flight to a far-flung destination, many are deciding to enjoy the rest of the summer here in the UK. Whether it is Camping, Caravanning, staying in an Air B n B, or in a UK hotel or Bed and Breakfast there are lots to do here at home exploring our beautiful countryside.

Meanwhile, some may elect to stay home.  Day trips are very popular and help provide you with a sense of security in these uncertain times. We have such rich history across the UK, and so many rambling hills and fields to explore. Many museums are now re-opening, and leisure centres too.

Another aspect is to stay at home and enjoy your home surroundings. Cycling has definitely become more popular since Covid-19 struck, and the roads are littered with an array of people of all ages.  So, get the bike out and feel healthier. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t cycled for a while, just take it slow and your confidence and well-being will improve.  Camping in your garden on a summer’s evening can be such fun for the children, but just ensure that it is a warm evening and not going to rain!  And whilst they are not under your feet it gives you a chance to set up your “At home Spa.” Create the mood with calming music and ambient lighting. Light a few candles and turn off the lights so you can relax. Give yourself a facial, or a hair treatment, soak in an aromatherapy bubble bath and let the pressures of the day fly away.

Taking a “staycation” makes you consider travelling to places in the UK that you have never gone to before. It also makes you appreciate your home and the area you live in. So, if you are considering spending money to upgrade your home then why not look at what PCL Building Products has to offer. Yes, we can replace your conservatory roof so that you can use your conservatory roof all year round, but we also can enhance your windows and doors to increase your kerb appeal. And if you find that you require extra space, we build home extensions from SIP panels that not only are they far quicker to erect and three times stronger than traditional build but the insulation within the panels saves on fuel bills.  Now is the perfect time to look at making those improvements. So, take a look at what we can do for you. Download our brochure https://www.pclbuildingproducts.co.uk/brochures/ or take inspiration from our gallery https://www.pclbuildingproducts.co.uk/gallery/ or just give us a call on 0161 300 4900.