PCL’s Karen Ackerley visits a friend’s house, who recently installed bi-fold patios doors to see if they really do make a big difference. 

It may not have been the best British summer but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy late summer and early autumn days by opening up your home with bi-fold patio doors.

Yes, I know. Our weather is far from consistent but the remaining lighter and longer days still give you many opportunities to appreciate your garden.

So when my friend recently had some bi-fold doors installed,  I was intrigued to see for myself what kind of difference these doors make.

They definitely have the “wow” factor!  The transformation to her home is amazing.  Previously she had had traditional patio French doors.

Change Your View

These had looked attractive but the glass was shot and they suffered from condensation in the winter.  By the summer often the wood had warped.  Now, her whole outlook has changed.

Her new bi-fold doors are far more stylish and contemporary.  When you open the sliding door right back it lets in the natural light and fresh air creating a bigger, better gateway to the outside.

The whole space is now opened up from the inside of her home right through to her garden.  She had a barbecue at the weekend and it was almost as if there was no door there as the whole door just slipped neatly and safely to the side.

And we just seamlessly moved from room to garden enjoying the weather, food, chat and vibe.

Owners Do Love Their Bi-Fold Doors


I asked her what she thought of her new doors.  She is bowled over by them.  Firstly, she loves the way they look and thinks they are a “must-have” feature for anyone wanting to open up their home.

They create a great space for entertaining and she now always has to ensure her garden looks nice!  The doors can be opened partially or fully and this helps keep her home cool and well ventilated when it is warm.

Secondly, the 28mm double glazed unit full length doors mean she can enjoy the view into her garden whatever the weather.

The doors are extremely thermal efficient achieving a U-value of 1.5.  She said she could have chosen 44mm triple glazing which would have given her a U-value of 1.0 but didn’t feel she needed the upgrade.

Elegantly Designed Doors

She is also really impressed with the slim lines of the aluminium doors. (Hers are a chic white by the way!)

From the rollers to the handles to the corner assemblies, the bi-fold door system displays an elegance of design that translates into a high performance installed product that looks outstanding.

The folding sliding door leaves are triple-sealed to eradicate draughts and ensure excellent weather tightness for all-year-round comfort.

She also mentioned that the custom engineered extruded aluminium hinges are designed with security in mind.

So, all in all, she loves her new bi-fold doors and so do her friends….me included.  Bring on the barbecues!

If you want to let the light into your house and enjoy your garden more, contact us about bi-fold doors