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PCL Conservatory New Builds

Conservatories originated in the 16th century when wealthy landowners sought to cultivate citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges that began to appear on their dinner tables brought by traders from warmer regions of the Mediterranean. Municipal conservatories became popular in the early 19th century.

Having a new build conservatory can make a big improvement to your home, from providing more space and light for your house to bringing you closer to your garden. It can make such a difference to your home and also provide added value. A conservatory is a very desirable feature and although it may seem like a big job, you can simply relax and leave it to us, the experts.

There are a number of different new build conservatory styles, such as Edwardian, Victorian, Apex or Lean-To, with their own individual benefits and with our advice you can decide on the best shape to suit your home. All our conservatories are bespoke and built to your individual requirements. The shape that suit your home be it..P-shapes, L-shapes, T-shapes, double hipped and much more. You have the choice to design your conservatory however you wish to get the most out of it all year round. Our conservatories are offered with either glass or polycarbonate panels or the SupaLite solid tile roof system. Here at PCL we understand that your conservatory must be designed around your needs, such as specific glass to reduce glare in summer or a choice of other glass enhancements. Should you prefer your conservatory to look more like an extension, then choosing a PCL SupaLite solid tiled roof could be the solution.

Meanwhile, our experienced consultants are here to help throughout the whole process, from applying for planning permission and ensuring building regulations are met. We have trained specialists in every area, from technical advisors to surveyors and installers, so you can rest assured that everything is done to the high standards you would expect. And we take the hassle away for you.

A conservatory is one of the best home improvements you could make. And a room you can do so much with. Just contact us today to find out what style and type is best for your house.