There are many questions that arise when you are considering having our lightweight replacement conservatory roof installed. This FAQ section answers some of the most common questions we come across. If what you had in mind is not mentioned here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. Our roof system:

  • Retains warmth in the winter months.

  • Incredibly cool on sunny days even in direct sunlight.

  • Eliminates noise from rain, wind and wildlife

Planning permission is not required to install our lightweight tiled conservatory roof, as you are only replacing a roof on your existing conservatory.

Yes, they are. We take care of the building regulations on your behalf and provide you with the relevant paperwork.

People offen think that replacing their glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with our lightweight tiled roof system will suddenly make their space dark – but this is not the case. The internal roof is completed with a plastered finish ready to be painted white. The ceiling pitches upwards and is quite spacious creating a large surface area for the white paint to reflect the light from all of the surrounding windows. The room will in fact be very bright and airy. There are also options to add even more light by opting for roof windows.

This is very much dependant on each job as size, specifications and complexities need to be taken into account. However on an average job, the old roof can be removed in a day and the frames for the new roof can be installed the following day. The boarding, tiling and internal plaster boarding take a further few days on average. The final stage, the internal plastering, typically takes a full day. This is all done with minimal disruption to your home.

A log burner can indeed be installed with our lightweight tiled roof.

Yes it can. Our sales team can guide you through the options available to you but many of the roofs we’ve installed have been in addition to building work being carried out such as removing the dividing wall and opening up the conservatory into an adjacent room.