Replacement Conservatory Roof Walton

A replacement conservatory roof in Walton can address a major flaw, turning a flawed room into one that is a superb space all year round.

Sadly most conservatories in Walton are unfit for purpose. The homeowner’s hope would have been that they would provide superb extra living space, instead they become a room that is often off limits for much of the year.

The problem is now widely known, the roofs are unsuitable for purpose. The vast majority of conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, neither material is able to effectively regulate temperature.

Fixing this problem is a relatively simple matter of converting the roof with a lightweight, solid tiled roof. This one change transforms the conservatory into what it always should have been; a superb space all year round.

At PCL, we are manufactures and installers of a lightweight tiled replacement roof system.

We have been replacing conservatory roofs for many years.

Benefits of a Replacement Conservatory Roof in Walton

The PCL is not the only conservatory replacement roof option, but it is one with a number of key advantages as outlined below.

  • Our system is the lightest conservatory replacement roof. This means it is suitable for any existing conservatory framer – installation is simply a case of the old roof being removed, the new lightweight, solid tiled roof installed.
  • Despite being the lightest system, our roof is still incredibly durable and is designed to withstand decades of whatever the UK climate might have to throw at it. The tiles have a 40-year guarantee, this figure far in excess of most rival products.
  • The roofs deliver on their key aim, that being to make the conservatory usable and a superb space all year round. We have numerous testimonials from customers – please ask for details of previous installations in Walton and nearby.
  • The change turns what was a flawed conservatory into a virtual extension, a room that can be used for a variety of purposes. Homeowners have used their improved conservatory as an office, a games room, a study, a children’s play room, an extra lounge area and many, many more purposes.
  • Installation is hassle free and carried out to the highest professional standards, this including leaving the work in a tidy condition each night
  • The roofs look far better than the glass or polycarbonate they replace. A choice of tiles are available and there are numerous roof style and colour options. Whatever style of property you own in Walton, the conservatory roof will blend in
  • The PCL roof has a U-value of 0.18. his measures the thermo efficient and is a figure that no rival product can top. In real terms, it means the room is easier to heat and stay warm in winter, yet remains at a cooler, pleasant temperature in summer. 
  • The thermo efficiency leads to energy bill savings, these can equate to hundreds of pounds per annum
  • The work also often pays for itself and more besides. House prices will of course vary depending on exact location in Walton, but in many cases the work leads to significantly increased property value, this because any potential buyer is getting what is effectively a superb extension rather than flawed conservatory.
  • We have full regulatory approval. We partner with JHAI to ensure roofs have building regulation approval and the homeowner is left with all relevant paperwork and documentation. 

The PCL system is not the only replacement roof option, but it is the one that is certain to be suitable for any existing conservatory and that has unbeaten levels of thermo efficiency.

What the change leads to is a room that is the space the homeowner always thought it would be. The replacement roof rights a wrong, nobody has a conservatory installed expecting it to be a flawed space, the replacement roof turns it into that extra living space that was always hoped for.

However, with the addition of stylish finishing touches it becomes more than that. The conservatory remains light and airy, yet with the tiled roof creates a room design that can also be used all year round, for instance as an office or study, rather than simply being a nice room for when the sun shines.

Conservatory Roof Conversion Walton – Tile Options

As with all replacement conservatory roofs, a key feature is the tiles.Untitled 1 1

The PCL system has two tile options, we can of course advise as to which might be the more suited to your requirements.

Tapco tiles are made from A-rated fire composite slate and take on the appearance of this wonderful natural product – each tile is made from a highly realistic mould and so has a natural look rather than appearing to have an unnatural perfection.

Extralight are the lightest tiles available ensuring tiled conservatory roofs are no heavier than glass ones. These wonderful tiles are virtually maintenance free and come with that market-leading 40 year guarantee.

Further details and images of the tiles in use in recent projects are available via the links below.

Extralight tiles

Tapco tiles

We would  be delighted to arrange an obligation free quote. Either from your measurements or by us paying a site visit to Walton.

Please call us on 0800 031 5444 or use our Contact Form.

About Walton

Historically part of Lancashire, Walton is an area of Liverpool, England, north of Anfield and east of Bootle and Orrell Park.

Walton’s name may derive from the same Anglo Saxon origins as the name for Wales, though other origins for the name have been suggested. What we do know is that Walton has a long history, originally appearing in the Middle Ages, with the first mentions around 1040 AD.

There is a ling list of notable people who have either lived or worked in Walton or were born there, these including Sir Paul McCartney, Gerard Houllier (who taught in Walton), Sir Ken Robinson, Alexei Sayle and Ricky Tomlinson.

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