Replacement Conservatory Roof Thelwall

If your conservatory is off limits for much of the year then a replacement conservatory roof at your Thelwall home will be of huge benefit.

Most conservatories are flawed, the conservatory roof making the room too hot in summer, too cold in winter. A lightweight replacement tiled conservatory roof can change this and more.

  • The roof will make the conservatory usable all year round, irrespective of what the Thelwall forecast has to throw at it. It will become a pleasant space all year round.
  • The appearance of the conservatory will be improved. With a glass or polycarbonate roof, they can look a bolt on to the rest of the house; a sympathetic replacement roof changes this.
  • This is a home improvement that makes financial sense. Annual energy bills will fall and the work is also likely to add significantly to property value.

At PCL, we have been providing  conservatory roof conversions for more than a decade.

We are local manufacturers and installers of tiled replacement conservatory roofs with a number of key benefits.

10 Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement Thelwall

  1. The roof delivers on its core aim, namely to transform any conservatory into a room that can be used and enjoyed all year round
  2. The roofs are the lightest replacement conservatory roof on the market. Consequently, they can be fitted to any existing conservatory frame as a replacement for the existing roof
  3. The roofs have regulatory approval. We partner with JHAI and ensure that the homeowner is left with all paperwork relating to building regulations approval
  4. Despite being light, the roofs are incredibly durable. They come with lengthy guarantees and can withstand anything the weather has to throw at them
  5. A wide range of styles and finishes are available. Roof styles vary from Victorian to Edwardian, Gable, lean-to and more. All these are available in a huge range of subtle colours
  6. The roof helps to transform the room from a bolt-on to the rest of the property to what is effectively a sympathetic extension. The conservatory will blend in with the rest of the house
  7. You will get a conservatory that can have a range of uses. Past customers have used their improved conservatory as a games room, or home office, or second lounge, or play room – as well as many further uses
  8. The U-value of 0.18 is unbeaten by other replacement roofs. This U-value equates to the roof’s thermo efficiency and means that it is far easier to keep the room within a pleasant temperature range
  9. The homeowner saves money on energy bills – less energy is required to heat the room in winter and so bills become lower
  10. The work often pays for itself and more besides, this because would-be buyers are getting a super extra space rather than a flawed conservatory. The asking price can be significantly higher.

We believe ours is a roof with benefits both in the short term and long. Immediately, you will see the conservatory transformed into the room it always should have been; that superb year-round space.

Typically this transformation takes just a few days, the old roof removed and recycled, the new one installed. A range of finishing touches can also be applied – spot lighting, sky lights and more to ensure the room is still bright, but also useable.Gable front side 3

In the longer term, it becomes an asset, space that can be put to so many uses and a room that adds real value to the property.

 tile choices

One of the key decisions when opting for a roof from PCL is which type of tiles to opt for – don’t worry though, we are always on hand to offer advice.

Both are superb options but there are subtle differences.

Extralight are tiles that are seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials, despite this they can withstand all weather conditions. They come with a 40-year guarantee and are almost maintenance free.

Tapco are made from A-rated fire composite slate and look like real slate – this because they are made from moulds that include the genuine peaks and curves of this superb material.

Further details and images of the tiles in use are shown via the links below.

Extralight tiles

Tapco tiles

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About Thelwall

Thelwall is a suburban village in Warrington, Cheshire, close to Lymm and with access to the M6 motorway.

A fortified village was established at the site in 923AD, this recorded in literature as:

“Kynge Edwarde made a cite at Thelewall in [th]e northe parte of [th]e Marches, nye the water of Mersee, where he put certeyne knyghtes.”—Higden’s Polychronicon

And, in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: “A.D. 923. This year went King Edward with an army, late in the harvest, to Thelwall; and ordered the borough to be repaired, and inhabited, and manned. And he ordered another army also from the population of Mercia, the while he sat there to go to Manchester in Northumbria, to repair and to man it. This year died Archbishop Plegmund; and King Reynold won York.”

Thelwall is now perhaps most famous for the Thelwall Viaduct, carrying traffic on the M6 over the Manchester Ship canal. Actually two separate bridges, this impressive example of engineering includes one span of 336 feet.

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