Replacement Conservatory Roof Oswaldtwistle

Conservatory roof replacement is a simple affair in the Oswaldtwistle area. PCL Building Products Limited is a proud supplier of conservatory roofs in Lancashire. We project manage the whole process from beginning to end, allowing you to sit back and watch your dream conservatory come together.

Your Oswaldtwistle conservatory can be transformed into a proper extension simply by replacing the conservatory roof. PCL offers a thermal roof system, designed specifically to eliminate that one pesky conservatory problem: thermal regulation.

In winter, conservatories get far too cold; in summer, they grow far too hot. If you replace your glass or polycarbonate roofing with a cost-effective replacement conservatory roof, you can enjoy your conservatory all year round and even save money in the long run.

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Oswaldtwistle conservatory roof replacement – what’s the benefit?

Seasonal weather in Oswaldtwistle can get pretty intense, which means that temperatures inside your conservatory can plummet or rise exponentially depending on the month.

To stabilise internal temperatures and create a comfortable environment inside the conservatory, you need an insulated roof which has excellent u values, Ours is constructed with layers of high-performance insulation which have an incredible thermal U-value of 0.18. The roof will retain heat in winter and keep the space cool in summer.

A solid replacement conservatory roof has the added benefit of eliminating sun glare and muting the sound of rainfall. With the elements no longer bothering you, you will be able to use the space for whatever you wish, whether that be a home office, dining room, living room, or play area.

Insulation prevents heat from leaking out of the conservatory in winter, meaning that you will be able to use less heating. The same applies to air conditioning. The energy you save will cost you less and will decrease your carbon footprint. Eventually, the savings you recoup on heating expenses will pay for the conservatory roof replacement.


Designing Your Oswaldtwistle Replacement Conservatory Roof

A replacement conservatory roof offers some significant design advantages.

When we are done, your conservatory will no longer look like a glass box, but a substantial and smart extension, inside and out.

Internally, you will have a chic plaster ceiling to the depth of your choice, complete with electric lighting and glass panels, if you so desire. Our Skylight panels can be added, and with an excellent U-value to prevent the problems that occur with traditional glass conservatory roofing, while still admitting natural light.

You can choose to have a log burner inserted in there, as well as sliding doors and other design features. The replacement conservatory roof sits on the original conservatory frame, making it a cost-effective renovation.

Externally, you can choose from a range of classic, modern and custom conservatory roof shapes. The roof we supply is a tiled replacement, with the following tiling options:

Extralight Tiling:

  • Weatherproof steel
  • 100% recyclable
  • 7 times lighter than traditional materials
  •  40-year guarantee

Composite Slate:

  • Slate replicas
  • More durable than natural slate
  • Colour-fast and UV protected
  •  40-year guarantee

Our roof tiles come in different colours and can be selected to match your Oswaldtwistle home.


What makes PCL competitive?

Beyond our wide range of choices when it comes to designing your bespoke roof, PCL Building Products Limited is local to the Oswaldtwistle area.

Conservatory roof replacement is one of several services that we offer. Our team are experts in this craft and also have experience in the construction of conservatories, extensions, garden rooms and orangeries.

We have the art of conservatory roof construction and installation down to fine art. It takes only days for our technicians to fit your new roof once it has been built and safety tested at our 40,000 sq ft factory in Manchester.

The fact that we sell the roofs we make means that you can cut costs that other companies charge for sales.

Request a free quote to compare with your budget and then we’ll come out to Oswaldtwistle to survey your conservatory, free of charge.

We are available online or via 0161 300 4900 to answer any queries you may have.


About Oswaldtwistle

With twistle meaning ‘brooks meet’ in Old English, the town of Oswaldtwistle is so named because St Oswald is once thought to have passed through there. Alternatively, the Anglo Saxon who once farmed the land there may have gone by the name Oswald.

Oswaldtwistle is located in the Hyndburn borough of Lancashire. The Leeds-Liverpool canal passes directly through the town and is tied up in its rich industrial heritage. The canal was a trade route for the transport of cotton products from mills such as Oswaldtwistle Mills; a converted textile mill that now draws visitors to its museum and craft fair.

The town’s park, Rhyddings Park, was originally on the grounds of a private house belonging to local mill owners. James Hargreaves, who invented the spinning jenny, lived in Oswaldtwistle, as did Sir Robert Peel, famous for calico printing.

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