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A conservatory roof replacement from Manchester-based PCL Building Services could turn a cold and leaky conservatory into a luxury extension to your living space. 

Conservatory roofs don’t last forever, and if yours has passed its use-by date, one of our lightweight tile conservatory roofs could be the solution you are looking for.

The benefits of a replacement conservatory roof

Apart from the fact that your new roof will revitalise the appearance of your house, it will also bring some real benefits to your everyday life. 

A modern conservatory roof will be well insulated and won’t have all the leaks and gaps that roofs can develop over time as seals deteriorate. A leaky roof allows cold, damp air in and, at the same time, allows heat to escape.  

Your new conservatory roof will give you a cosy room that can be used in the coldest weather. Your whole house will feel warmer even though you will be saving on energy bills.

A well-maintained conservatory could increase the value of your property when you decide to move on. 


Types of Replacement Conservatory Roofs

There are different types of conservatory roofs, with glass and polycarbonate tiles or sheets being popular choices.

Glass roofs

Glass roofs are often found in traditional conservatories. They give the most natural light and a great view of your garden. 

However, glass doesn’t always provide adequate insulation, and heat loss in the winter may be considerable. During heatwaves, the temperature in your conservatory can become intolerable. The sound of driving Manchester rain on your glass roof may send you back into your main house for a bit of peace and quiet!

Glass conservatory roofs are expensive to install and can be costly to maintain. Even if you install self-cleaning glass, you will need specialist window cleaners to keep your panes sparkling.

Polycarbonate roofs

Polycarbonate roofs are a cheaper alternative to glass, but they deteriorate quickly in UV light. Like glass, they are chilly, and this type of roof is prone to developing gaps that leak heat and allow the cold in. 

Polycarbonate roofs provide even less noise insulation than glass. Many owners in Manchester find that the material amplifies the sound of torrential rain. The effect has been described as like having pebbles thrown on the roof.  


Choosing the Right Replacement Conservatory Roof

Lightweight tiled conservatory roofs, also called solid roof systems, address many of the problems experienced by owners of glass and polycarbonate roofs.

These innovative roofs are made from structurally insulated panels (SIPS). The panels are shaped and sized in a factory according to the dimensions of the project. 

SIPS are a newer entrant into the UK market than glass or polycarbonate roofs but have been popular in the USA and Northern Europe for decades. Our solid roof systems use SIPS and could provide the ideal replacement roof for your conservatory. 

The benefits of solid tiled roofs made with SIPS

Effective insulation is the key to creating a cosy room protected from cold and external noise. We call our replacement roofs Warm Roofs because they are so well insulated and sealed, meaning that your garden room or conservatory stays at a comfortable temperature, whatever the season. 

Their construction also makes the roof panels extremely strong and easy to maintain. 

Installation Process for Replacement Conservatory Roofs

The panels for your replacement conservatory roof will be made to fit the dimensions of your house at our factory in Radcliffe. We oversee this process from beginning to end so we can control the quality of our products. 

Our installers will remove your existing conservatory roof, install the replacement and plaster the inside in around three days. The project will be completed with minimal disruption to your family’s daily routine.

Cost of Replacement Conservatory Roofs in Manchester

Our replacement conservatory roofs offer our Manchester customers a high-quality product at a great price. You can get an idea of the cost of your replacement roof by entering the dimensions of your roof into our quick quote estimator here.


FAQs about Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Won’t a tiled replacement roof make my conservatory dark? 

We can incorporate glass panels or roof windows into your roof design, allowing plenty of natural light into your room. We will plaster the ceiling on the underside of your replacement conservatory roof. Many of our customers in Manchester choose to paint the ceiling a light colour to make the room even brighter. 

Will my new conservatory roof meet building regulations? 

All our replacement roofs comply with building regulations. 

Will a lightweight tiled replacement roof match my Victorian-style conservatory?

Our Manchester customers can choose from our range of Victorian, Edwardian, gable-ended and lean-to roof styles. The flexibility of the SISPS system allows us to create bespoke roof designs to match any conservatory roof style.

 We also offer several options for the colour and finish of your tiles.


Next steps 

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and our friendly sales team at our HQ in Radcliffe, in Manchester, is always happy to answer any questions and offer advice. You can contact them on 0161 300 4900.

You can find out more information about a replacement conservatory roof on our website.


More about Manchester

Manchester is a thriving city in the North West of England with over 2 million inhabitants.

Manchester’s population increased tenfold during the nineteenth century as the Industrial Revolution propelled its development from a small town to one of the world’s first industrial cities.

After a period of decline during the twentieth century, Manchester is now once again a powerhouse of business and culture. 

In 2021, Time Out magazine rated Manchester the third-best city in the world. It was only pipped to the post by San Francisco and Amsterdam.

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