Replacement Conservatory Roof Lancashire

A replacement conservatory roof, available in Lancashire through PCL, is a home improvement that can make a profound difference, transforming your  conservatory into a room that is usable all year round.

The vast majority of conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, two materials unsuited to their purpose. Neither can effectively regulate temperature and so the conservatory is left too hot in the summer and almost impossible to heat in the depths of a Lancashire winter.

pcl conservatory roof replacement lancashire

A lightweight solid tiled roof removes this problem, the replacement roof fitting on to the existing conservatory frame, delivering a wealth of benefits that will truly transform your enjoyment of your conservatory .

At PCL, we are proud to be a leading UK manufacturer and installer of tiled conservatory replacement roofs based in Lancashure.  Our roofs are suitable for any existing conservatory frame in Lancashire, light enough for the frame to maintain yet also hugely efficient.

We have a proven record for quality of which we are rightly proud, with a rating of 5 out of 5 from dozens of reviews on

Why Lancashire Homeowners Consider Converting  Their Conservatory Roof

The following points all apply specifically to conservatory roofs as installed by PCL.

A conservatory that is usable all year round.

Undoubtedly this is the key benefit. All too often, conservatories in Lancs are off-limits for much of the year or only used for extra storage.

A replacement roof instantly changes this, making the room a great space that can be used for virtually any purpose and as any type of living space – games room, study, home office, extra lounge or other. Replacement conservatory roofs in Lancashire make the room what it should always have been.

This change is brought about through the thermal performance of the high-performance replacement roof. The roof has a U-rating of 0.18, this figure not bettered by any competitor. The proof of this change also lies in testimonials, please take the time to read the many independent reviews for our services.

An extension at a fraction of the cost

By converting your conservatory roof you essentially turn the room into an extension, only without the prohibitive cost of this work.

You get a room that is warm all year and has the classy look of an extension, including internal fittings, windows and doors. When you are in the room, using it for any purpose, it will feel like an extension, it will look like an extension from the outside, but your bank balance will not have an extension-sized hole.

Visual Appeal

Conservatories with a glass or polycarb roof can look a tad dated. A replacement roof changes this, a wide choice of styles and subtle colours are available, ensuring the roof will now blend in with any type of Lancashire home.

We make conservatory roofs that blend in with the rest of the property, this including bespoke styles for rare occasions when a standard style won’t quite match.

Suitable for any conservatory

The roof is the lightest replacement roof and so the only product certain to be suitable for any existing conservatory frame. The tiles are durable yet weigh little – details of the two tile types below.

Quick Installation

Our highly skilled and professional team can typically install tiled conservatory roofing inside three days – removing the old roof and recycling, installing the new and applying finishing touches.

Any PCL installer will always be polite and professional – we appreciate that nobody looks forward to having builders in. We will leave your house clean and tidy every day and work to the highest standards.

Financial Benefits

Replacement conservatory roofs can be a home improvement that makes strong financial sense.

They can help the homeowner save money on their heating bill each and every year – this particularly key in a county such as Lancashire with our bitter winters.

Our products can also have longer-term financial benefits, by upgrading your conservatory roof you are turning a flawed space into a superb room. This is an enhancement that potential buyers are often willing to pay for, the work more than paying for itself through increased property value.


Entrust us to install your roof and we will provide you with full documentation to show we have met building standards and file all relevant paperwork for you.

Planning permission is not required for this work.

Lancashire Conservatory Roof Replacement – Tile Choices

We have a wide range of tile options, these sub divided into two ranges are the Extralight tiles and Tapco tiles.

Extralight are the lightest replacement roof tile, they are seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials and yet can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. They have a remarkable 40-year weatherproof guarantee.

Tapco are made from A-rated fire composite slate, realism created through the use of moulds of real slate.

If you require further information, please do get in touch. We would be happy to provide a free no-obligation quote and also provide advice.

Please call us on 0800 031 5444 or use our Contact Form.

About Lancashire

Lancashire is a county in north west England with a population of close to 1.5 million.

The county’s history extends back to the 12th century – indeed in the 1086 Domesday book some of what is now Lancashire’s land was listed as Yorkshire, an unforgivable sin!

The importance of the country grew enormously during the Industrial Revolution and Manchester and Liverpool emerged as key cities.

In more recent times, culture and sport have been key to the county’s ongoing fame. Although Liverpool is no longer part of Lancashire, the city is of course famous for the Beatles, while Manchester was the home to Take That, Oasis and the Smiths.

Local cuisine includes Eccles Cake, Bury black pudding and fish and chips – the first fish and chip shop opened in Oldham around 1863.


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