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PCL Building Products Limited is a leading supplier of replacement conservatory roofs in the Lancashire area. We supply Great Harwood with our superb thermal roof system; a revolutionary design that can transform your conservatory into a valuable part of your home.

If you are fed up with fluctuating temperatures in your conservatory, a replacement conservatory roof could be the answer to your problems.

Where your conservatory currently gets too hot in summer and too cold in winter, a replacement solid roof can insulate the indoor space from the elements. Temperature regulation will be made easy and sun glare will be eliminated, making the space comfortable all year round.

Our dedication to both quality of service and product has earned us a 5-star review on Click here for a free quote and read on to discover more about the benefits of conservatory roof replacement.

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Why should I consider a replacement conservatory roof in Great Harwood?

Replacing the glass or polycarbonate roofing on your Great Harwood conservatory has several major benefits. It makes your conservatory:

Useable every day of the year

Conservatories often become glorified storage spaces due to their unfortunate tendency to overheat in summer and freeze in the winter months.

The Tiled roof system we supply has a layered construction that includes high performance insulation, giving it a thermal U-rating of 0.18. With a replacement conservatory roof, the temperature inside your conservatory can be easily regulated.

The space will be transformed into a comfortable and welcoming environment that you can use as any other room in the house.

An extension at a fraction of the cost

One of the best things about conservatory roof replacement in Great Harwood is that you don’t need planning permission. The process is as simple as fitting a new roof to the existing frame of your conservatory, but the results are so much more impressive.

With the solid roof structure, the outside of the roof will be tiled with lightweight roofing tiles of your choice. Internally, you and your guests will see a plaster ceiling with electric lighting or glass panels. The space will feel as cosy and substantial as if you’d knocked the whole thing down and built an extension instead.

With the superb insulation, a solid tiled roof is also cost-effective. Not only is it a simple home improvement, but it saves you money on heating bills. You won’t have to use as much energy heating the conservatory during the harsh Great Harwood winters. As a result, your home will become more environmentally friendly.

Visual Appeal

A PCL Building products roof offers a range of styles for both the internal ceiling and the overall shape of the replacement conservatory roof. See our gallery here to get an idea of your options.

Every roof we make is tailored to the property and the vision of the homeowners. You will have free reign in the design choice, choosing something that suits your Great Harwood home.

Your choice of roofing tiles includes:

Extralight Tiling

  • Made from quality weatherproof steel
  • 100 per cent recyclable
  • 7 times lighter than traditional materials
  • 40 year weatherproof guarantee

Tapco Tiling

  • A-rated fire composite slate replicas
  • More durable than natural slate
  • Colour-fast and UV protected
  • 40 year weatherproof guarantee


PCL Replacement Conservatory Roofing in Great Harwood

PCL Building Products Limited specialises in conservatory renovations, tiled conservatory roofs, home extensions and garden rooms. We are one of the leading suppliers of replacement conservatory roofs in Great Harwood and the surrounding Lancashire area. The fact that we make the roofs we sell allows us to price them competitively.

After performing a survey of your Great Harwood conservatory free of charge, we will construct your bespoke roof system at our 40,000 sq ft factory in Manchester. Our safety testing is carried out to exacting standards before rapid installation on-site.

Our tiled, solid roof meets all UK building regulations and does not require planning permission to install.

Get the process started by contacting us online or calling 0161 300 4900. Download our brochure here.


Great Harwood

Located adjacent to the Ribble Valley in the Hyndburn district of Lancashire, Great Harwood is a major conurbation of three towns: Great Harwood, Clayton-le-Moors and Rishton.

The town has an industrial heritage, predominantly in the cotton industry; by 1920, the Great Harwood Weavers’ Association had over 5,000 members. The English dye chemist and fabric printer, John Mercer, was born in Great Harwood and is honoured by the Mercer Hall Leisure Centre and the town clock. Mercer, who developed mercerisation as a revolutionary process in cotton dyeing, became known as the ‘father’ of Great Harwood.


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