Replacement Conservatory Roof Grappenhall

A replacement conservatory roof for your Grappenhall home can transform your existing conservatory into a wonderful space you will relish spending time in.

That is because solid conservatory roofs offer an upgrade to conventional conservatories in Grappenhall, solving some issues that can dog polycarb and glass conservatory roofs. The problem with them being all too common; conservatories that are too hot in the summer and too cold in winter, perhaps only used as extra, expensive storage. Whatever they are used for, it probably isn’t the initially intended use – a room that can be a source of relaxation.conservatory Grappenhall

By upgrading to a lightweight, solid, tiled replacement roof you can alter this – your conservatory can become a superb space, with other benefits too.

At PCL, we are local and leading manufacturers and installers of the SupaLite replacement roof, supplying many residents in Cheshire with conservatory roofs.  The SupaLite roof is the lightest replacement conservatory roof available in Grappenhall or, for that matter, anywhere.

Benefits of Replacement Conservatory Roof in Grappenhall

Grappenhall residents upgrade to a SupaLite Tiled Conservatory Roof for the following reasons:

  • The roof delivers on its key aim, namely to make the conservatory usable all-year round. Instead of being a space that is often too hot or cold, the temperature will be as pleasant as that found in any other room in the house.
  • This is achieved through unmatched thermo efficiency among replacement roofs. The SupaLite roof has a U-Value of 0.18, this figure not beaten by any rival
  • A range of finishing touches such as lighting and sky lights leave a room that can be used for multiple purposes – for instance home office, games room or second lounge
  • The roofs look superb. Rather than looking like a bolt-on to the rest of the property, the new roof ensures the conservatory blends in with your Grappenhall home. Our roofs come in a range of styles and subtle shades
  • The SupaLite is the lightest conservatory replacement roof. This means it can be fitted to any existing conservatory frame as a replacement for the glass or polycarbonate roof.
  • The lightweight nature of the roof does not mean they lack durability. SupaLite roofs are built to withstand whatever the UK weather can throw at them
  • Our roofs have full building regulations approval. We work with JHAI, this ensuring all regulations are met. The homeowner is left with all relevant documentation.
  • The homeowner saves money on their energy bill, this because the heating needs to be on so much less in winter. This saving can equate to hundreds of pounds per year.
  • The work also tends to pay for itself and more besides, this particularly true in a housing market such as Grappenhall’s. Grappenhall only has a limited number of houses and demand can be high, turning a flawed conservatory into what is effectively a superb extension is an enhancement any would-be buyer will value.

As the above demonstrates, opting for a replacement conservatory roof, and, specifically a SupaLite roof, has benefits both immediately and in the long term

The work, typically completed inside just a few days, transforms a flawed space into a superb room, but it is also a home improvement that makes financial sense.

Conservatory Roof Conversion Grappenhall – Tile Options

Key to any replacement roof are the tiles and with SupaLite roofs from PCL there are two distinct options. We will, of course, be happy to advise as to which would be best for your property.

Extralight are tiles that are seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials, despite this they are built to withstand whatever the Grappenhall climate has to throw at them. They come with a 40-year guarantee and are almost maintenance free.

Tapco tiles are made from A-rated fire composite slate and have the look of real slate, this because they are made from moulds that include the genuine peaks and troughs of this stunning natural material.

Further details and images of the tiles in use in recent projects are available via the links below.

There is a wealth of further information on this site and key links are included below – these including a brochure to download and browse at your leisure and also a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

We would also be happy to answer any queries you may have or come out to Grappenhall to provide a free no obligation quote.

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About Grappenhall

With a population of 9,377, Grappenhall is a Cheshire village in the Grappenhall and Thelwall civil parish.

One notable person born in Grappenhall was composer Tim Curry. A fair while further back, the village was mentioned in the Domesday Book. The village then was valued at five shillings, property value rising somewhat since…

There is also a cricket club in the village and they have a rather famous former player.

Australia Test batsman Steve Smith, now the world’s premier batsman, signed for Grappenhall in the summer of  2007 and as a 17-year-old played for the team for five weeks.