Replacement Conservatory Roof Congleton – Suitable For Any Conservatory

With the ability to make a flawed space usable all year round and also add value to the property, a replacement conservatory roof in Congleton is one home improvement that makes sense for many property owners.

At PCL, we are trusted and long-established pioneers in supplying solid conservatory roofs. We manufacture and install a tiled conservatory roof system; and have a superb reputation,  demonstrated by the independently verified AllChecked review site.

We are experts in righting a wrong, turning conservatories in Congleton that are often a disappointment, regularly used only for extra storage if they are used at all,  into superb spaces that can be enjoyed all-year round.

Key to this transformation is the roof.

a replacement conservatory roof in Congleton with SupaLite tiles

It is not an overstatement to say that most conservatories have roofs that are unfit for purpose, this because the choice has traditionally been either glass or polycarbonate, two materials that are poor at regulating temperature. Until 2010, this was the only choice for those having a conservatory installed.

Regulatory change came about with proof that solid, tiled roofs could be made light enough to fit on to existing conservatory structureour system is the lightest of all and so an option that truly can be fitted to any pre-existing conservatory in place of the existing roof.

This singular change makes a profound difference, no longer does the heat radiate in the summer making the room a virtual sauna. In winter, warmth is retained and so the conservatory isn’t almost impossible to keep warm.

The conservatory becomes the room that the homeowner always hoped it would be. That, though, is not the only benefit.

Reasons for Congleton Homeowners to Consider Having a Conservatory Roof Replaced

A superb space all year round

This is the key benefit, this is why we get asked to replace conservatory roofs in Cheshire, and all across England.

The singular change of switching to a lightweight, tiled roof makes the conservatory usable all year round, it becomes as usable as any other room.

It can also be a space for any purpose, a home office, games room, second lounge, children’s play room, home gym. It is still light and airy but it is now functional.

A visual enhancement

Conservatories with glass or polycarb roofs can look a bit of a bolt on to the rest of the house, it doesn’t really blend in.

The tiled replacement roof is an aesthetic enhancement; a range of styles and subtle colours are available so, whatever the style of your Congleton home, the conservatory will now look more like a sympathetic extension.

Internally too, the finish is classy and finishing touches such as LEDs create a stunning interior. 

Financial benefits

To use a cliche, you can have your cake and eat it (potentially in an upgraded conservatory).

Having your roof replaced leads to energy bill savings each and every year – research suggests this can be by an average of around £200 per annum.

Our tiled, lightweight roofs have a U-value of 0.18, this a figure not bettered by any equivalent product.

If you ever look to sell, the work will often have paid for itself and more, especially in competitive housing markets such as those we see in Cheshire.

Precise figures will of course vary, but often having a flawed conservatory turned into what is effectively a superb extension is work that any would-be buyer will pay a premium for.

Stress-free Installation

We appreciate that most homeowners do not want builders in their property for an extended period, this especially true at the time of writing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We work safely and efficiently, a typical replacement roof taking just there days to install – this the complete process, from removal of the old through to finishing touches on the new.

We leave your house and garden clean and tidy every night.

Congleton Conservatory Roof Replacement – Tile Choices

We have a wide range of tile options, these sub divided into two ranges are the Extralight tiles and Tapco tiles.

Extralight are the lightest replacement roof tile, they are seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials and yet can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. They have a remarkable 40-year weatherproof guarantee.

Tapco are made from A-rated fire composite slate, realism created through the use of moulds of real slate.

Further details and images of the tiles in use in recent projects are available via the links below.

If you require further information, please do get in touch. We would be happy to provide a free no-obligation quote and also provide advice.

Please call us on 0800 031 5444 or use our Contact Form.

About Congleton

Congleton is a town in Cheshire with a population of around 24,000 as of the 2011 census.

The first recorded mention of the settlement comes from 1292 and it is unknown from precisely when the name Congleton derives. One theory is that Congle – formerly spelt congel – might relate to the old Norse kang meaning a bend, ton meaning a settlement.

What is more certain is that there was activity in the area in both the Stone and Bronze Ages as artefacts from both have been found. Congleton may also have been a ROman settlement.

Notable residents, past and present, include Stanley Unwin, John Bradshaw (who presided over the trial of King Charles I) and Elizabeth Clarke Wolstenholme Elmy.

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