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If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier of replacement conservatory roofs in the Clitheroe area, look no further than PCL Building Products Limited.

PCL’s replacement conservatory roof system is one of the leading replacement conservatory roofs in Cheshire and Lancashire. It has a multi-layered construction that provides insulation and breathability, keeping the environment inside your conservatory consistent and comfortable.

One of the major flaws of conservatory construction is their glass or polycarbonate roofing. Without an insulated roof, the temperature inside the conservatory fluctuates wildly with the seasons. A replacement conservatory roof can fix this, along with a number of other problems, such as sun glare, condensation and loud rainfall.

Make the most of your conservatory in Clitheroe; invest in a replacement conservatory roof and you will be able to use your conservatory all year round. In time, the work will even pay for itself.

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Why is a conservatory roof replacement beneficial?

Replacing your current glass or polycarbonate roofing with an insulated conservatory roof has three main benefits:

  • The temperature inside your conservatory will be regulated, enabling you to use the space for whatever you wish, all year round
  • You will save money on heating bills, making your household more environmentally friendly and eventually recouping the money you spend on the roof
  • the roof can be designed to complement your Clitheroe home, transforming your conservatory into a chic extension that looks great

Our solid warm roof system has an unbeatable thermal U-value of 0.18 due to its layers of high-performance insulation. As a solid roof, it prevents sun glare and dulls the sound of rainfall. The inside of your conservatory will feel like a substantial room of the house, complete with plaster ceiling. You will have various internal design options, including electric lighting and glass Sky Vista panels.

PCL offers a range of durable Composite Slate and Extralight roof tiles so that you can match your replacement roof to the colours of your home. These come with a 40 year weatherproof guarantee. Choose a roof style that suits your property in Clitheroe and fall in love with your conservatory again.


Why choose PCL for Clitheroe conservatory roof replacement?

PCL Building Products Limited operates predominantly in the Cheshire and Lancashire areas, making us a local choice for Clitheroe.

We have a 40,000 sq ft factory located nearby in Manchester where we construct our  roof systems to the exact specifications of your home. The fact that we make the roofs we sell allows us to price them competitively.

All of our bespoke replacement conservatory roofs are safety tested under factory conditions and meet UK building regulations.

Other services that we provide include the construction of extensions, conservatories, garden rooms and orangeries, and the installation of sliding doors.

Our technicians will come to Clitheroe to survey your conservatory free of charge. Once you have chosen your roof design, we can get to work building and installing it. Installation can be completed in a matter of days.

Get the process started by contacting us online or calling 0161 300 4900. Download our brochure here.


About Clitheroe

Located in the Borough of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, Clitheroe is just 34 miles away from Manchester. Its close position to the Forest of Bowland makes it popular with tourists.

Clitheroe lays claim to one of the smallest Norman keeps in Britain; Clitheroe Castle. Various manufacturing companies have bases there, such as Dugdale Nutrition, Hanson Cement, Johnson Matthey and Tarmac.

Clitheroe – also spelled Clyderhow or Cletherwoode – is thought to receive its name from the Anglo Saxon for ‘rocky hill’.

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