Replacement Conservatory Roof Chorley

A replacement conservatory roof in Chorley rights a wrong, it transforms a flawed single use conservatory into a multi-purpose room that is superb to use all year round.

The flaw with conservatories in Chorley – and elsewhere in Lancashire and beyond – is only too obvious.

Most conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, two materials less fit for purpose than a tiled roof. They have traditionally been used for conservatory roofs because they can be light enough for the structure to withstand them. The problem is that they have awful thermal properties, they leave the conservatory too hot in summer and far too cold in the depths of a Chorley winter.

A tiled replacement roof counters this by swapping out the glass or polycarbonate roof and in its place goes a lightweight, solid tiled roof.

Modern techniques mean that these tiled roofs are light enough to fit on to conservatory frames; at PCL we manufacture and install war, solid tiled roofs; these are the lightest roof available. It is a roof that can fit on to any existing conservatory frame.

We believe there are compelling reasons to choose PCL as your replacement conservatory roof installer.

Make the conservatory usable all year round

pcl conservatory roof replacement

This is the key benefit, it is why so many contact us seeking to ‘do something about the conservatory’. 

The replacement roof corrects the problems inherent with the existing roof, it makes the conservatory as usable as any other room in the house. In the summer it will be a pleasant temperature and in the winter far easier to heat.

This is why we say the roof rights a wrong. When the initial conservatory was paid for, it is safe to assume that the problems inherent were not advertised. Unfortunately though any room with a glass or polycarbonate roof will not be pleasant to be in for much of the year. Our roofs fix this issue.

We make a real difference

It is easy for us to say that the roof transforms the room, you may think we would say that. Other companies make similar claims.

We would urge you to read the independent reviews both of our services and anyone else you may consider.

On the independent, verified AllChecked site, every one of our reviews is for the full five stars, many for replacement conservatory roofs. Many of the reviews include full details of the job undertaken and before and after images.

A couple of recent testimonials read.

“As a former Architectural Technician I have been associated with the building profession all my working life. In this day and age it is a tonic to come across a company that is reliable, honest and  competent. I could not fault the efficiency from the first contact to the final completion. The quality of the roof system is impressive as is the workmanship and installation time.”

“Absolutely recommend PCL we had a Conservatory Roof fitted also new Residence 7

Windows and the work was carried out to a very high standard and the guys who did the work 

were polite and friendly and worked extremely hard and finished all the work in a week.

“First people we would call if we ever require work done to our property.”

We will always be courteous and professional on site and, if there are small issues, we will correct them. Our reputation is hard won and deserved.

Thermally efficient conservatory roofs

Our tiled roofs have a U-Value of 0.18, this a figure that is not bettered by any product in Chorley or beyond.

The U-value means that this is a roof that is thermally efficiency; in the summer it stays warm but not hot, while in winter more heat is retained and so the conservatory is easier to heat.

We can’t promise you’ll never need the radiator on – this is Lancashire after all – but you will need it on much less.

The conservatories look great

With a traditional conservatory roof you used to have two options – glass or polycarbonate – and neither does a great job of blending in with the rest of the house.

However, a replacement tiled roof comes in a range of styles and subtle colours. There will be options that blend with your house, the conservatory will take on the appearance of a superb extension, but at a fraction of the cost.

Financial benefits

Upgrading to a replacement conservatory roof has financial benefits both in the short and medium term, but also potentially longer term too.

Each and every year, there will be energy bill savings because of the improved thermal efficiency. On an average UK property these are around £200 per annum on average. With energy bills only going one way, these savings could grow further too.

The work also often pays for itself and more besides, this because any would-be buyer in future is getting a superb room rather than a flawed conservatory. This is an upgrade people are willing to pay for.

They will walk into a room used as a home office, or a gym, or a games room, or an extra lounge, rather than one used as extra storage.

About the Roof Tiles

We have a wide range of tile options, these sub divided into two ranges are the Extralight tiles and Tapco tiles.

Extralight are the lightest replacement roof tile, they are seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials and yet can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. They have a remarkable 40-year weatherproof guarantee.

Tapco are made from A-rated fire composite slate, realism created through the use of moulds of real slate.

Further details and images of the tiles in use in recent projects are available via the links below.

If you require further information, please do get in touch. We would be happy to provide a free no-obligation quote and also provide advice.

Please call us on 0161 300 4900 or use our Contact Form.

Further Information

About Chorley

Chorley is a Lancashire town about 20 miles west of Manchester, with a population of 34,667 as of the 2011 census.

The town has a history that is associated with the Industrial Revolution, though many of the factory chimneys that dominated the skyline have long since been demolished.

The name for the town derives from choral leah, two Anglo-Saxon words that are believed to mean the peasants’ clearing. There was no known settlement in the area until the Middle Ages and it was not listed in the Domesday Book of 1086. 

It really came to prominence during the Industrial Revolution, Chorley was a vital cotton town and mills rapidly appeared. Coal mining was also important, this because of the proximity to the Lancashire Coalfield.

The town now has different forms of industry, with chorley FM, BAE Systems, FedEx and Talent among companies with a major presence in and around Chorley.

Notable residents, past and present, include Bill Beaumont, Steve Pemberton, Jason Queally and Sir Henry Tate, sugar magnate and founder of the Tate Gallery.

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