Replacement Conservatory Roof Bolton

Get a replacement conservatory roof in Bolton with PCL Building Products and transform your conservatory into a room that can be used for any purpose all year.

The conservatory replacement roof rights a wrong. The vast majority of conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, two materials wholly unfit for purpose. Neither can regulate temperature and so the conservatory is too hot in summer and hard to keep warm in winter. 

Replacement Conservatory Roof Bolton

A high-quality tiled replacement roof will turn the conservatory into the room you always hoped it would be – one that can be an extra lounge, or an office, or the perfect space in which to unwind during the summer months.

We say high-quality replacement roof for a reason. Since it became possible to install tiled replacement roofs when  the regulations came into effect in 2010, numerous companies have emerged offering this service in and around Bolton and the north west.

It is not our place to pass comment on the work of others, but there are compelling reasons to choose the company that pioneered solid roof conservatories  in the region – PCL building Products.

Benefits of Conservatory Roof Conversions in Bolton


A room that is usable all year round

This is the key reason people opt to have a replacement conservatory roof.

All manufacturers of replacement conservatory roofs will claim their product makes the room usable all year round, our proof comes in the form of our independent reviews on the AllChecked website. Please take the time to read testimonials to see how families in Bolton and beyond came to love their conservatory once more.

Post completion of work, the conservatory will be as usable as any other room in the house – it can be a home office, a games room, a gym, an extra lounge or be used for any other purpose. 


Energy Bill Savings

Our roofs have a U-value of 0.18, this figure is not bettered by any other replacement conservatory roof.

What this means in real terms is that you will save money on energy bills each and every year – average UK savings can be around £200 per year but, as anyone who has lived in the north west knows, the figure there might be greater still. The northern winters can be cold…

The conservatory will be cheaper to heat and will stay warm, it will be a cosy room in winter, not off limits.


An Upgrade to Appearance

A range of colours and subtle shades are available for the roof, this ensuring the conservatory can blend in with every type of property.

Conservatories can look like a bolt on to the rest of the house, this changes that, turning it into what is effectively a sympathetic extension. 

The finish inside can be stylish too with finishing touches such as spot lights to keep the room bright and airy.

As you walk round the house and into the conservatory, it will begin to feel less like a conservatory and more just a great extra room.


An Improvement That Adds Value

In every property market, extra space adds value and turning the conservatory into a superb extra room can more than pay for itself – this because any potential buyer can see the benefits too.

The figures will vary by postcode so check with local Bolton estate agents, but in many cases the work to have the roof replaced will more than pay for itself through increased property value.


Limited Time on Site

Nobody wants builders on site for an extended period and this is even more true during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It typically takes us just a few days to remove and recycle the old roof and install the new and apply all finishing touches.

We are always professional and courteous and leave your house clean and tidy every evening. 


Bolton Conservatory Roof Replacement: Tile Choices

We have a wide range of tile options, these can be browsed in our tile gallery (link in the key links section slightly lower down this page).

The choices fall within two ranges – the Extralight tiles and Tapco tiles.

Extralight are the lightest replacement roof tile made by any company, they are seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials, despite which they can withstand the harshest of conditions. They have a 40-year weatherproof guarantee.

Tapco, are made from A-rated fire composite slate from moulds of real slate, creating a look that is natural and detailed.

Further details and images of the tiles in use in recent projects are available via the links below.

On this site, there is a wealth of information about PCL, and replacement conservatory roofs. We have included some key links below, including one for the full brochure for you to download and browse at your leisure.

If you do need any further information, please do get in touch. We would be happy to provide a free no obligation quote and also provide advice – we appreciate you may not know which tile option would be best suited to your property.

Please call us on 0800 031 5444 or use our Contact Form.

Key Links

About Bolton

Bolton is a large town in north west England, it is traditionally a part of Lancashire and has a population of 128,000.

Bolton thrived during the industrial revolution, with the cotton industry key to the town’s success. Retail and manufacturing are nowadays key to the area’s continued prosperity.

The list of notable people to have been born or lived in Bolton is lengthy. The star-studded list includes, Amir Khan, Dave Spikey, Paddy McGuinness, Sir Ian McKellen, Peter Kay, Maxine Peake, Mark Radcliffe and Robert Shaw.


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