Replacement Conservatory Roof Bollington

Perhaps one of the most efficient home improvements you could make to your Bollington home – turn wasted space into a room you can use by replacing your conservatory roof.

PCL is the leading provider of replacement conservatory roofs in Cheshire with our energy-efficient roofs.

Our tiled and thermal regulating roofs will prevent your conservatory from getting too hot in summer and too cold in winter. You will be able to use the space comfortably throughout the year for whatever purpose you wish.

Not only this, but your energy costs will go down, and your house in Bollington will be more environmentally friendly because of inbuilt insulation. Its market value may increase due to the enhanced appearance.

Read on to learn more about the potential of conservatory roof replacement for your Bollington home.

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conservatory roof replacement Bollington


Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement in Bollington

If you can answer honestly that you do not spend a lot of time in your conservatory; that you find it an eye sore; that you can’t sit in it for long at certain times of year; then maybe it’s time for a change.

The solid warm roof is a simple solution to these problems.

Replacing the current glass or polycarbonate roof with a tiled replacement essentially absorbs the conservatory into the rest of the structure. Rather than a glass add-on, the conservatory will become a chic extension.

We can match the roof of your house to the replacement roof with our extensive range of light-weight tiles. We offer both Tapco (fire composite slate) and Extralight tiling options that come with a 40-year guarantee and are maintenance free.

The style of the roof can also be tailored to fit in with the aesthetic of your house. You can choose from a selection of classical, modern or custom made designs. Of course, it is also important to consider the internal finish. A solid tiled roof offers the chance for you to have a real ceiling in your conservatory, complete with skylights and lighting choices. Where you once avoided giving guests a tour of your conservatory, you will now be keen to show off your replacement roof.

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Our roofs are not only tiled, but have a layered design that includes insulation and breathable membranes. Our roofs have a thermal U-value of 0.18, meaning the thermo-efficiency is top notch. You will easily be able to regulate the temperature of your conservatory. No longer will you have to worry about wearing a coat indoors in winter, as heat will not escape through the roof anymore. This means that you can use less heating and save hundreds of pounds on bills.

The installation itself is hassle free, taking only a few days. We use all existing frames and doors. With us, roof replacement literally means replacing the roof.

All of these improvements may even up the value of your house on the Bollington housing market.

With a PCl roof, you will cherish the time you spend relaxing in your conservatory with a view of the Bollington outdoors.


Why PCL is the Best Provider in Bollington

  • We ensure that the whole conservatory roof replacement process is as little trouble as possible for you.
  • We take care of everything from planning approval to installation.
  • Because we manufacture the roofs we provide, we are also able to cut out the middle man and offer you unbeatable prices.
  • PCL Building Products Limited were the first to fabricate and install a solid tile replacement conservatory roof in the UK. We have since installed thousands of  replacement conservatory roofs across the nation. We partner with JHAI to ensure that the roofs have full building regulation approval.
  • Built to requirement at our 40,000sqft factory in Manchester, your roof will be rigorously safety tested before it is dismantled and transported for installation.
  • For your peace of mind, all are products are covered with an extended guarantees and indemnity insurance.

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About Bollington

Bollington is a quintessential village located in Cheshire, near Macclesfield. Once home to the biggest water wheel in England, it was involved in milling cotton. Traces of its historic industry can still be seen today.

With over twenty pubs, Bollington is a great place to visit for a post-walk bite, set in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. White Nancy – a white cone-like structure – is a popular destination for walkers, built in the nineteenth century. It stands alone at the top of a hill and remains a symbol of the village.

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