Replacement Conservatory Roof Bamber Bridge

Conservatory roof replacement could be the ideal solution for your Bamber Bridge conservatory.

PCL Building Products Limited specialises in replacement conservatory roofs in Cheshire and surrounding areas.

Our replacement conservatory roof is designed specifically to fit on the existing conservatory framework and could have a number of benefits for your home.

Conservatories are notorious for growing too hot in summer and too cold in winter, making them redundant throughout most of the year.

With a replacement conservatory roof, all this could change and you could find yourself with extra space to use for whatever you wish, every day of the year.

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Bamber Bridge Conservatory Roof Replacement – The Benefits

Traditional glass or polycarbonate roofing does not protect the inside of your conservatory from the hot sun or the cold winter air in Bamber Bridge!

Without insulation, your conservatory is susceptible to extremes of temperature and sun glare. Rain also causes problems, sounding quite loud on the thin roof plates.

A replacement conservatory roof has a layered structure, designed with multiple sheets of insulation and a breathable membrane. It stabilises internal temperatures and distances the sound of rainfall.

The high-performance insulation used in a PCL lightweight roof has an unbeatable thermal U-value of 0.18. In the summer months, your conservatory will remain cool, while in winter you will be nice and warm and may also save you money on your heating bills!

A solid replacement roof like PCL’s gives you several choices to make about design.

The atmosphere inside your conservatory will be transformed by the plaster ceiling overhead, with opportunities for glass panels, electric lighting and maybe even a log burner.

You can choose the depth of the ceiling and the shape of the roof, as well as the lightweight tiles to be applied on the exterior. Every design choice can be tailored to suit your Bamber Bridge home. Take a look at our gallery for ideas!


Why Choose PCL In Bamber Bridge?

PCL Building Products Limited provides custom products that can be tailored to the requirements of your Bamber Bridge home.

We are based in the Greater Manchester area with a manufacturing facility in Manchester but we can deliver our products further afield.

PCL specialises in the construction and installation of conservatories, extensions, orangeries, garden rooms, replacement conservatory roofs and sliding doors.

The replacement conservatory roofs we manufacture adhere to all UK building regulations and are rigorously quality checked before installation.

Fitting the replacement conservatory roof takes only a few days, with layers of a breathable membrane, insulation, battens, plywood and plasterboard being built up before the application of ceiling plaster, ready to be painted.

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About Bamber Bridge

Bamber Bridge is an urban village in the Ribble Valley constituency, Lancashire. Its name originates from Old English, likely meaning ‘tree-trunk bridge’. The village had a population of 13,945 at the 2011 Census.

Bamber Bridge was the first place in Lancashire to adopt calico printing in 1764. The village is also the birthplace of George Woodcock – a trade unionist who was awarded the CBE, rising to chairman of the Royal Commission on Trade Unions and Employers’ Associations before his death in 1979.

Bamber Bridge reached the news in 1859 when a Hurricane steam engine went off the rails and ran a level crossing. It crashed into the gable end of a house but thankfully caused no casualties.

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