Replacement Conservatory Roof Altrincham

A replacement conservatory roof for your Altrincham home can add value, reduce energy bills and transform the room into one that is usable all year round.

The issue with most conservatories is all-too apparent; they cannot regulate temperature effectively and so they are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. 

Often, what was sold as being a great room that would be enjoyable extra living space becomes an unloved addition, potentially only used as expensive extra storage.

The issue is the roof, glass or polycarbonate are the materials used in the vast majority of conservatory roofs and neither is fit for purpose.

In Altrincham, there remain many of these flawed conservatories attached to otherwise delightful properties.Replacement Conservatory Roof Altrincham

The solution is as simple as replacing the roof, having the old roof removed and a lightweight, solid, tiled replacement roof installed.

This is a change that since 2010 has regulatory approval (regulations were changed that year to allow lightweight, solid conservatory roofs).

It is a change that, if done well, turns a conservatory into what is effectively a wonderful extension – both in looks and also practicality. At PCL, we are the north west’s main manufacturers and installers of lightweight conservatory replacement roofs and have made conservatory roof replacements in Cheshire for over ten years.

As the name implies, this is the lightest replacement roof, an important distinction as it means that this is the roof that can be fitted to any conservatory structure without risk of it compromising the original frame.

We will go into further details in the remainder of this page, however if you wish to contact us with any queries or to arrange a free no obligation quote please do get in contact. Please call us on 0800 031 5444 or use our Contact Form.

Benefits of Replacing Your Altrincham Conservatory Roof 

A replacement conservatory roof in Altrincham delivers a number of tangible key benefits.

The main one has to be that the replacement roof turns a flawed room into something that is usable and useful all year round.

This occurs through the roof’s thermal efficiency, its ability to keep the room within a pleasant temperature range.

This efficiency is shown in the roof’s U-Value of 0.18, this a figure that cannot be bettered by any rival product. In real terms, this means a room that is pleasant in the summer yet also retains more warmth in the winter.

The homeowner suddenly has a room that can be used for a variety of purposes and in Altrincham we have seen replacement conservatory roofs help transform these rooms into home offices, games rooms, play rooms for children and many more uses besides.

In choosing PCL a further benefit is peace of mind, assurance that all building regulations are met and adhered to.

We partner with JHAI, national specialists in building regulations and on completion you will receive a building regulations certificate proving the quality and approval of the work.

The roofs, however, are not purely about function; they also look superb. A range of styles and subtle colours are available, this ensuring that the roof blends in with the rest of the property.

No longer will a conservatory look a bolt on to the rest of the property, instead it will have the aesthetic appeal of a sympathetic extension. Internally, a huge range of options are available, these helping to keep the room light and airy but also cosy.

We can work with you to create the perfect room for a specific purpose, or turn the conservatory into a great all round room that can be used in many ways. To get more of a sense of the range of styles, please see our image gallery.

Tile Options for Conservatory Roof Conversions in Altrincham

Key to the look of the roofs are the tiles, we have two ranges – Extralight and Tapco. Seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials, Extralight are suitable for any structure, any existing conservatory frame easily able to take the weight.

The lack of weight does not signify a flimsy product; these tiles have a 40-year guarantee, are virtually maintenance free and can withstand whatever the Altrincham weather has to throw at them – as a Manchester company we are only too aware what the north west’s climate tends to incorporate.

Our other range, Tapco, are made from A-rated fire composite slate from moulds of real slate, this ensuring a natural look and finish.  Further details and images of the tiles in use in recent projects are available via the links below.

The thermal efficiency leads to energy bill savings each and every year, these typically running to hundreds of pounds.

Even more significantly, the work can pay for itself and more besides, this because any would-be buyer is effectively getting a superb extension rather than a flawed conservatory.

This is an improvement they are willing to pay for. In a housing market such as Altincham’s this can make a significant difference to asking price.

If you need further information, please have a look around the site and follow some of the key links provided below, these including a full brochure and answers to frequently asked questions.

We would also be delighted to answer any queries or arrange a free no obligation quote. Please call us on 0800 031 5444 or use our Contact Form.

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About Altrincham

Altincham is a town in Trafford with a population of 52,419 as recorded in the census of 2011. A historic market town, it was formerly part of Cheshire and, throughout all the changes and reclassification within Trafford that market has remained at the core of the town. Two key developments helped the town’s growth – the extension of the Bridgewater Canal to Altrincham in 1765 and the arrival of the railway in 1849, these both boosting the local economy and providing links with Manchester and the north west. As befits a town with a long history, Altrincham has a number of landmarks and places of interest, indeed 10 of Trafford’s 21 conservation areas are in Altrincham. One key notable landmark is Dunham Massey, on the edge of the town, this a National Trust maintained 18th century hall surrounded by a 250 acre deer park.  The town also boasts a number of sports teams, these including Altrincham FC – ‘The Robins’ and Manchester Storm, who play in ice hockey’s Elite League. Altrincham postcodes: WA14, WA15 Dialling code: 0161

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