Replacement Conservatory Roof Chester – Transform Your Room

A replacement conservatory roof for your Chester home will make what may be an unloved space usable all year round, but that is far from the only benefit.

At PCL, local manufacturers and installers of a tiled replacement roof system, we have seen the problem all-too often.

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Homeowners have a conservatory installed hoping it will be an affordable way to add extra space, extra space that will be perfect for the summer; a light and airy room in which to relax and unwind.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Most conservatories are flawed, they are too hot in the summer and are hard to heat in the winter.

The problem is the roof, the vast majority of conservatories have glass or polycarbonate roofs, two materials that while lightweight enough to fit on to a conservatory frame are simply unfit for purpose from a heating standpoint.

In the summer, the heat radiates, the conservatory quickly becomes stiflingly hot. In the winter, any heat escapes. What was sold as a dream room often becomes little more than extra storage space.

A conservatory roof conversion can right this wrong, the lightweight, tiled roof turns the room into what it always should have been, a superb space all year round.

The Need For A Replacement Roof

Until 2010, conservatory roofs had to be made of either glass or polycarbonate, a choice between two unsuitable materials.

Regulations changed with the development of lightweight solid, tiled conservatory roofs, roofs that could be fitted to a new conservatory or retrofitted as a replacement.

These roofs can be supported by an existing conservatory frame but also function more like your traditional tiled roof, helping keep the room within a pleasant temperature range.

Those who had a conservatory installed prior to 2010 had no option but to choose a flawed roof – usually only discovering the problem later. Homeowners in Chester and beyond are now making the switch to transform the room into something usable.

Enjoy your conservatory all year round

This has to be the key benefit, it is why so many disgruntled homeowners contact us to change their conservatory roof in Cheshire, bemoaning their flawed conservatory.

A PCL tiled replacement roof rights this wrong, it turns a conservatory into a room that can be used for any purpose all year round. The conservatory can be a home office, or a gym, or a games room, an extra lounge, a play room or any other type of room you fancy.

Of course, it is easy to make a claim that the roof transforms the conservatory, what proof do we have? We would point you to our independent, verified reviews on These are all detailed reviews with honest testimonials and often photos, rather than a quick clicking of a star rating.

Enhanced Appearance

Chester has some wonderful housing stock and, if we’re completely honest, a glass conservatory roof doesn’t quite blend in does it?

Our tiled, lightweight replacement roofs come in a range of styles and subtle colour shades. We have included further details about the tiles lower down and also links to more information, including image galleries.

What can be said with certainty is that whatever the style of your property, we can install a conservatory roof that blends in perfectly, the conservatory essentially becoming a sympathetic extension rather than bolt-on.

The interior gets an upgrade too, classy finishing touches can include spotlights. 

The impact is to create a room that still has there light and airy qualities of a conservatory but is a wonderful space in its own right.

Financial Benefits of Replacing Your Conservatory 

Upgrade to a PCL tiled replacement roof for the conservatory and there are often two major financial benefits.

Each and every year, energy bills are likely to be reduced, this because of the roof’s superb thermal efficiency. Our roofs have a U-value of 0,18, a figure that is not bettered by any equivalent product.

Energy bill savings run to around £200 per year on average according to independent research, this figure may well be higher still in the chilly north west.

In the longer term, if you ever look to sell, the work will often pay for itself and more besides, this especially true in a competitive housing market such as that found within the CH1 postcode.

Any would-be buyer is getting a superb extra room rather than what they know to be a flawed space, this an upgrade they are willing to pay for.

Fast Conservatory Installation Chester

We are always professional and courteous and leave your house neat and tidy each evening.

However, we are also aware that nobody wants builders in their house for an extended period.

It typically takes just a few days for us to remove the old roof, recycle, and install the new – this including all finishing touches.

Chester Conservatory Roof Replacement – Tile Choices

We have a wide range of tile options, these shown in our tile gallery (link in the key links section slightly lower down this page).

The two overarching ranges are the Extralight tiles and Tapco tiles.

Extralight are the lightest replacement roof tile available, they are seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials and yet can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. This is demonstrated by their 40-year weatherproof guarantee.

Tapco, are tiles made from A-rated fire composite slate, realism created through the use of moulds of real slate.

Further details and images of the tiles in use in recent projects are available via the links below.


If you require further information, please do get in touch. We would be happy to provide a free no obligation quote and also provide advice.

Please call us on 0800 031 5444 or use our Contact Form.

About Chester

A walled city within Cheshire, close to the border between England and Wales, Chester is home to almost 80,000 residents as of the 2011 census.

The city was prominent in Roman times as one of the main army forts, at this time it was known as Castrum, or the Roman fort name of Deva Victrix. Deva of course remains a name synonymous with Chester, the name deriving either from the goddess of the Dee or the English name for the city’s river.

Chester rose to prominence again centuries later during the Industrial Revolution, the village of Newtown just to the north east of the city was central to the industrial activity – the two stations at Chester Central and Chester Northgate also key to the area’s development.

Over time, industry faded in relevance to Chester and the city is now known for tourism, retail, public administration and financial services, the shopping in the city has a unique quality as the buildings date from medieval times.

As befits a city with a long and varied history, there have been many famous residents. These include comedians Russ Abbot and Bob Mills, James Bond actor Daniel Craig and former Liverpool and England striker Michael Owen.

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