Types of supalite replacement conservatory roof

The Pitched Warm Roof System

Benefits from in-depth research, innovative design and enormous investment to arrive at the perfect replacement roof for your conservatory. We have many different designs of replacement conservatory warm roofs and by far the most popular is the pitched warm roof system due to its dynamic look and the additional height gained due to the roof pitch.

The common, but perfect design is just what you need for your home or converting an existing glass or polycarbonate roof conservatory into an all year round warmer and useable space. You can even install a roof windows to flood extra light into your room and at the same time keep your conservatory as a nice warm place in the winter and cool in the summer.

We are recognised for delivering innovative products, fabricated to the highest industry standards and improve new methods for making life easier for our customers.

5 Reasons to choose a SupaLite pitched tiled conservatory warm roof

Every single pitched roof we produce is totally bespoke in size, style and shape. All our SupaLite, insulated, engineered warm roofs are manufactured and erected first on our shop floor for quality checking. Once approved, they are then dissembled, numbered up and each warm roof along with an assembly plan are delivered to your site ready for quick re-assembling over a matter of days.

  1. Save money on heating costs
  2. Roof system engineered and tested to meet all building regulation requirements
  3. Transforms a conservatory into an extension at a fraction of the cost
  4. Adds significant value to your house
  5. Rapid installation – Increase your living, working or entertaining space

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Types of replacement conservatory roof

SupaLite Pitched Roof Windows and Sky Vista Panels

Considering a Pitched Roof Window or Glass Roof Panels?

Roof windows and panels are a great way of filling the room with an abundance of natural light. Once installed, glass sections can give your room the appearance of a higher ceiling and make a world of difference. Once considered a bit of a risk given the ability of glass to make rooms too hot or cold, roof windows and panels are no longer any risk whatsoever when it comes to insulation as we can help to ensure your room’s temperature will stay comfortable all year round.

The thermal efficiency and attractiveness of pitched roof glass panels or windows is matched by the spectacular views they provide of the outdoors and the sky. The large, clear panes of glass allow you to watch the clouds go by during the day or gaze up at the stars at night. Our roof window options are extremely strong and slim in design, which means less frame on show and you still retain the fantastic views.

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Supalite pitched roof windows sky vista panels

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