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Do You Need A New Conservatory Roof?

If you have an older conservatory and want to replace your conservatory roof we can help, as our tiled roofs give you the ability to upgrade and improve. This will then provide you with a room which is useable 365 days of the year and can transform your existing conservatory into essentially a home extension at a fraction of the price. Another option we offer is to completely remove the conservatory and build a lovely full SIPs home extension in its place which can be finished in brick slip, render or cladding.

Your tired glass or polycarbonate system can now be upgraded to a high-performance, engineered, tiled or slate Warm Roof and can incorporate roof windows or glazed sections for extra light and air.

Installing our conservatory replacement roof couldn’t be easier and can be completed in days.

Is a PCL Conservatory Warm Roof Replacement Worth the Cost?

Conservatories were originally defined as a home improvement which had to have 75 per cent of their roof and around 50 per cent of their walls constructed from glazed materials. Because of this, these conservatory structures did not need to comply with Building Regulations, therefore homeowners across the UK were persuaded to have what amounted to little more than a glass box attached to their property.

Unfortunately, these older conservatory designs were always too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Nowadays, changes in Building Regulations mean that you now have more conservatory roof options than ever before. This relaxation in the rules also means you can replace your conservatory’s roof with something more substantial.

If you don’t want to pay for a new conservatory but you have one which leaks, suffers from mould and condensation or doesn’t maintain a steady temperature all year round, installing a new insulated warm roof from PCL Building Products would provide the perfect solution.

Conservatory replacement roof

Why Traditional Conservatory Roofs were Inefficient

Often made from glass panes or thin sheets of polycarbonate, all traditional conservatory roofs were usually poorly insulated – which resulted in the room being too hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. If you have one of these conservatory roofs, then there’s a good chance that the roof is not very energy-efficient. This can mean that heat escapes easily and you spend much more money on heating the room, which could also suffer from dampness and condensation.

Replacing an outdated plastic or glass roof with a new insulated PCL one will transform the appearance of your conservatory. It will also change the way it feels, alter its acoustics and most definitely increase the amount of time you use it.

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Supalite warm roof

Time For A Change?

Have you bought a home with an existing conservatory that’s looking a bit old and unloved? Or do you have an older conservatory which no longer suits your family’s needs?

If the answer to any of these is yes, it’s definitely worth considering a solid lightweight tiled roof as a replacement and converting it quickly into an extension.

Whether you opt for the solid tiled or slate look or a combination roof incorporating glass the option is yours. We can produce fully tiled or slated replacement conservatory roofs in numerous styles. You may want a modern hybrid, solid vaulted roof with glazed panels or a flat roof option.

Irrespective of the design and style, they can be manufactured on our site to meet all your unique requirements. This means you could start to enjoy the extra living space all year round, transforming how you and your family use your home.

Replacement warm roof

Energy-efficient glass & self cleaning glass

Glass technology has improved significantly over the years, therefore if you are considering glass sections within your conservatory replacement roof, then this will not be a problem.

Your conservatory will enjoy extra light, be comfortable to use and still help to lower your energy bills. We also have self-cleaning glass available, which is the ideal way to achieve a traditional look in a warm roof but with modern benefits and the WOW FACTOR!

Supalite replacement roof

Solid Roof Building Regulations

If you’re looking for a conservatory solid replacement roof, you’ll need to check that your proposed system meets Building Regulations. All our PCL replacement Warm Roofs fall into the solid roof category.

Our replacement conservatory warm roofs will provide you with a comfortable space that’s like an extension of your home and act as a long-term investment adding value.

To find out more, please call PCL Building Products Limited on 0161 300 4900 or alternatively via the link below

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