Flat Roof Kit

Despite being considered outdated by some thanks to a supposed susceptibility to water leaks, flat roof kits are still the most popular form of home extension in the UK and for good reason. Many sceptics point to this apparent inability to effectively cope with the worst of the weather especially the rain and these reasons are used to mock flat roof designs.

However, It is this belief, not flat roofs, that is outdated and anyone qualified enough will put your mind at ease regarding how fabulous a Supalite flat roof will look once completed and how effective it will operate. We can show many successful examples of what is possible and show you a selection of inspirational insulated flat roof extension we manufactured to get your renovation pulses racing. Therefore let’s once and for all put an ends to the misguided truth as flat roof extension really do work and look stunning once completed.

All our flat roof kits and orangery kits are totally bespoke and manufactured here at our Manchester production facility. Every single flat roof kit we manufacture is totally unique as they are made to meet the agreed specifications of each and every customer. We have the capacity and capabilities to manufacture any style, size or finish of your flat roof, plus if requested we can even assist on the design aspects to fit in with your existing circumstances and your home.

We manufacture insulated flat warm roof kitz as a replacement roof to go onto an existing conservatory or other structures like garages. Alternatively we can even supply the flat roof orangery kits on their own or complete with the insulated rapid build extension kit or even a conservatory or orangery style finish.

There are no limitations to the insulated warm roof kitz or Supalite orangery kits which we manufacture and supply as the options are endless. Every single flat roof kit we produce at our facility is erected first on our shop floor for quality checking, then dissembled, numbered up and then delivered kit form to site for re-assembling by our trade network.

Supalite flat roof kits and supalite orangery roofs

Flat Roof Lanterns

Considering a Flat Roof Lantern?

Flat glass roof windows, or rooflights as they are commonly known, are windows built to sit on a flat roof building with a pitch of between 2°-15°, this might be an extension, orangery, garden room or replacement conservatory roof conversion for example.

Roof lanterns are a great way of filling the home with an abundance of natural light and easily added to your super light flat roof. Once professionally installed into a flat roof, glass lanterns can give your room the appearance of a higher ceiling and make a world of difference. We can help and guide you on gauging the levels of light, air and heat required for your project as roof lanterns are no longer a gamble when it comes to retaining insulation.

Evidence shows that by using the correct size and style of flat roof lights on your project, then this will retain the desired level of U-values to ensure your room’s temperature will stay comfortable all year round along with the required levels of air flow, plus spectacular views.

The thermal efficiency and attractiveness of roof lanterns is matched by the views they provide of the outdoors. The large, clear panes of glass allow you to watch the clouds go by during the day or gaze up at the stars at night. We can design the flat roof lantern in an extremely strong yet slim line design which means less frame on show and superior views.

Every single flat roof kit we produce is totally unique and bespoke. All our engineered, insulated warm roof kitz are manufactured and erected first on our shop floor for quality checking. Once approved, they are then dissembled, numbered up and each warm roof kit along with an assembly plan are delivered to your site ready for re-assembling.

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