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For homeowners looking for home extensions in Lancashire, the benefits of a SIPS extension can be compelling.

That, though, may put a question into your mind – what are SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panel System) extensions? Are they a cheaper option and, if so, do they lack durability?

In this page, we will outline why you should consider this form of extension – an option that can provide far better value for money than a more traditional brick and mortar construction.

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SIPs extensions use a panel system with the structure and strength and insulation all contained within the panel. 

They are a form of extension that is becoming far more popular in the UK and are already the norm in Scandinavia and large parts of the United States. If they are suitable fort those challenging climates it is fair to say they can cope with the weather in Lancashire.

SIPs extensions are one of those rare products that have a wide range of benefits over other options, namely:

  • They are an affordable option.
  • They produce a room that has all the benefits of any other extension, a room that can be used for whatever purpose you desire
  • A range of external finishes are available, with brick slip the most common (this creating the appearance of a traditional brick finish). Cedral cladding is also popular, while there are other options too.
  • SIPs extensions are eco-friendly, using less timber than other similar options.
  • As demonstrated by their popularity in Scandinavia among other places, this is an option that is built to last and can withstand the most demanding of climates. Our SIPs extensions are built with an expected lifespan of at least 60 years.

We appreciate of course that there are other options for home extensions in and around Lancashire, however we offer a free, no obligation quote service.

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How Are SIPs Extensions Constructed?

The panels used in these extensions consist of an insulating polystyrene core sandwiched between two structural facings – these panels can then be connected to create the structurally sound whole. Doors, windows and the roof are then added.

The panels are built off-site to match measurements taken on the detailed on-site survey and then installed once the ground area has been cleared and prepared.

The full process can be seen in the video below.

Why Choose PCL

At PCL, we manufacture and install these home extensions, with all parts made under controlled conditions at our 40,000 sq ft factory. 

The quality of our service provided is shown by our stunning independent reviews. On the allchecked.com website – home to verified, impartial reviews – we average 4.9 out of five, and have 40 five star reviews out of 44 total reviews (the others are for 4 stars). 

Our reputation is unmatched. Please take the time to read reviews for any company you are considering contacting.

If you would like to arrange an obligation-free quote please call us on 0161 300 4900 or use our Quick Quote form.


About Lancashire

Lancashire is a truly historic county of which its residents are rightly as proud as they are of any new home extensions they install. Created back in the 12th century, and associated with a red rose in the War of the Roses against the white rose of Yorkshire in the fifteenth century, Lancashire really came into its own as the cradle of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. The docks of Liverpool and cotton industry of Manchester making it a world leading commercial and industrial powerhouse. The current county was reduced in size from being the most populated county in England outside of London in 1972 and its admin headquarters became Preston. But many people in the newly created counties of Greater Manchester and Merseyside still to this day identify as Lancastrian. In more modern times, Lancashire, including the old historic cities, has been a leader in sports such as football and cricket and music. Among the current large towns and cities in Lancashire are Preston, Blackburn, Burnley, Blackpool and Lancaster. The county boasts a huge number of tourist attractions ranging from the beaches of Blackpool and Morecombe Bay to the history of Lancaster Castle and rural pursuits in the Forest of Bowland

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