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An increasingly popular form of home extension in Bolton is a SIPs extension – an option that is affordable, durable and provides design options that are hard to create with a traditional brick and mortar extension.

On this page, we will provide some details about this form of extension and why you may want to consider them as an option.

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SIPs extensions are built using panels that fit together, on to this the finish is there applied – for example, a brick appearance to give the look of an extension made of bricks.

They are not yet the most common form of extension in Bolton or the wider region but they are growing in popularity. They are commonplace in both Scandinavia and large parts of the United States – this is a sign of their durability. If they are suitable for the Scandinavian climate, the weather in Bolton is unlikely to pose a problem.

Why Consider a SIPs Extension?

A SIPs extension is a sensible option for the following reasons.

They Are Durable

A common concern relates to the durability of a panel-based system, can it match the long-term benefits of the brick and mortar extensions that are so common in the UK?

The answer is that a SIPs extension is built to last – they are three times stronger than a traditional build. The fact they are used so regularly in the hardest of climates demonstrates their ability to withstand the elements.

For full details of how the panels are made and how we undertake the installation process, please download our full-colour brochure.

They Make Financial Sense

A SIPs Home extension is sure to be competitive on price – please compare a quote against that for a more traditional extension.

You can get an extension that is built to last, makes superb extra space but is more affordable.

They also make financial sense in another way, an extension typically pays for itself and more by adding value to the property. Any potential buyer is getting more space, that is a strong selling point.

The SIPs extension is an investment, both in the future but also financially.

A Versatile Extension

When you are in a SIPs extension – or any extension for that matter – you won’t be thinking about the building process used. You will be enjoying the space.

As with any high-quality extension, a SIPs extension can be used for any purpose –  a home office, home gym, games room, extra lounge space or other.

As with any room in the house, once it’s built you want to use the room and with this form of extension, the building process in no way impacts how you then enjoy the room.

An Extension With Extra Design Potential

With a SIPs extension, it is perfectly possible to have a standard design – an extension that looks exactly as one made from brick might look. However, other design options are also possible, because of the panel system – one instance being a sloping roof to make maximum use of all available space.

The panels are typically 1220mm wide and up to 5.1 metres in length. These are cut to size and then fitted together, with windows and doors added and then the finish applied. Brick slip is the most popular but others such as coloured or Timber cladding are popular too.

Thermal Efficiency

The SIPs panel system includes a solid core of insulation that ensures the room stays within a pleasant temperature range, without hot spots being created.

It is actually the greater thermal efficiency of this system that is helping SIPs extensions to grow in popularity, they can create a room that is easier to heat than a traditional style extension. They are an efficient form of building and so encouraged increasingly as government regulations promote this form of development.

They are also an option that uses fewer resources, thus helping to keep costs down but also making them the most sustainable option. 

Limited Time on Site

The panels are cut off-site to match the plans and so time on site is limited to preparation of the ground and then installation of the SIPs system, followed by the internal finish.

Time on site is of course required but it is far less than with a brick and mortar construction. At any time, this is an advantage but this is perhaps more true in the changing world with social distancing and Covid-19 regulations.

A SIPs extension comes with less disruption and less stress.

A Video Showcasing The SIPs System

Sometimes, a video can provide more information than thousands of words – please watch the video below to get a good sense of the SIPs system, how it works and how we install these extensions.


full-colour brochure.

Next Steps

If you think that a SIPs extension is an option on which you would like further information, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

At PCL, we are proud to be manufacturers and installers of this form of extension. We have a proven track record and universally positive reviews – on the allchecked.com website – home to verified, impartial reviews – we average 4.9 out of five, and every one of our 52 reviews is positive.

Please do take the time to read our reviews, many of which also include photos both of the project being undertaken and then the finished work.

Call us on 0161 300 4900 or use our Quick Quote form.

About Bolton

Bolton is a large town in northwest England, it is traditionally a part of Lancashire and has a population of 128,000.

Bolton thrived during the industrial revolution, with the cotton industry key to the town’s success. Retail and manufacturing are nowadays keys to the area’s continued prosperity. Bolton also has a cracking local newspaper called the Bolton News.

The list of notable people to have been born or lived in Bolton is lengthy.  The star-studded list includes Fred Dibnah, Paddy Mcguinness, Sir Ian Mckellan, Peter Kay, Maxine Peake, Mark Radcliffe and Robert Shaw, and Amir khan… to name but a few.

And of course, it is home to BWFC

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