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For homeowners considering home extensions in Cheshire, the benefits of a SIPs extension can be immeasurable.

SIPs extensions – and we will explain exactly how these differ from more standard constructions below – can be installed quickly and so limit disruption and yet they have superb thermo efficiency and create space that blends in with the rest of the property and can be used all year round.Home Extensions Cheshire

Already hugely popular in Scandinavia and the United States, SIPs extensions are now rapidly growing in popularity in Cheshire.

Why Choose PCL

At PCL, we manufacture and install these home extensions, with all parts made under controlled conditions at our 40,000 sq ft factory. Our record for customer satisfaction in the home extension market is shown by our stunning independent reviews. On the allchecked.com website – home to verified, impartial reviews – we average 4.9 out of five, and have 40 five star reviews out of 41 total reviews (the other is for 4 stars). Our reputation is unmatched. Please take the time to read reviews for any company you are considering contacting.

What though are SIPs home extensions and how do these benefit homeowners in Cheshire?

About SIPs home extensions in Cheshire 


Construction Method

SIPs home extensions do not use the traditional building methods of bricks and blocks or standard timber frames. Instead, they utilise a system that provides the structure and insulation all in one panel.

The panels consist of an insulating polystyrene core sandwiched between two structural facings.  These panels can be attached to one another to create the overall structure, with doors, windows and the roof also slotting in.

The process is shown in the video below.


Benefits of these Home extensions 

While not the only option for those considering a home extension, SIPs do have a number of key advantages, namely.

  • Versatility. The SIPs panels can be made up to 5.1 metres in length and these fitting together to make a huge range of sizes and shapes. Doors, windows and the roof join seamlessly.Far from being less versatile than a traditional building method, SIPs actually make other options possible, for instance sloping roof panels can create an open space that fully utilises all available square footage and creates a stunning room.
  • Speed of construction. With the panel system utilised, time on site, disruption is minimised. We build the components in our factory and then simply install on site.
  • Aesthetic Appeal. A range of finishes are available, this also true for the roof and interior, The most common finish is brick slips, but cedar cladding is also regularly used, so too a render style finish. We are confident that we can provide a finish that closely matches any style of Cheshire property.
  • Durability. Are SIPs home extensions comparable to other options?The answer is that they are hugely durable, indeed every home extension we build has an expected life span of at least 60 years – they can withstand the weather in Scandinavia for decades so the Cheshire climate is not an issue.When you divide lifespan by cost of build, SIPs quickly become a hugely compelling choice.
  • Thermal Efficiency. The nature of the insulation creates a room that is thermally efficient. In fact, it is this efficiency that has helped create demand for SIPs home extensions – the government has incentivised low U-values (essentially thermo efficiency) and SIPs beat many traditional building methods in this regard.The efficiency also leads to long-term energy bill savings when compared to other options. 

Extending Your Home in Cheshire – Examples and Next Steps

To see the benefits and get a true feel for our SIPs extensions, it might be beneficial to see an image galleries of previous installations in Cheshire and surrounding area.

If you would like to arrange an obligation-free quote please call us on 0161 300 4900 or use our Quick Quote form. 

About Cheshire

Cheshire is a county in the north west of England with Chester as county town. The overall population for the county is around 1.1 million as of the 2011 census.

Despite being home to more than a million people, the county is mostly rural with many small towns.

The county’s name first appeared in around 980AD, though in a different format and it has grown in population steadily rather than experiencing huge spikes in growth.

Many famous footballers have lived in Cheshire because of its proximity to Manchester and Liverpool clubs. However, it has also been birthplace to many famous musicians, these including Gary Barlow, Harry Styles and Charlatans front man Tim Burgess.

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