Many of us would love to have some extra space in our homes – somewhere to entertain, work, study or run a business. Maybe pursue a hobby, have a home gym, games room, home cinema, man cave or music room. Or a room/space for an elderly relative to live independently. The number of possible uses are many and varied.We have the perfect solution!

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Why Choose our Garden Rooms?

Our Garden Rooms can give you the extra affordable space you require. Suitable for Garden rooms, Glamping pods, Home Working Studios, Home Gym, Home Spa, Home Cinema, AirBnB extra income lets, Gaming rooms & much more!

  • 3 x stronger than traditional build

  • Fully insulated SIP panel system giving the best possible insulated space

  • Can be installed in a much shorter space of time than traditional build with less fuss

  • Can be an attached extension to your home or a detached stand-alone garden room

  • Bespoke build to your individual requirements

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aluminium Sliding doors

The Versatility of Structured Insulated Panels

SIP based buildings, through their strength and ease of connection, offer more versatility than other construction materials, allowing possibilities beyond the conventional; such as sloping roof panels. It becomes straightforward to create a new space either standalone or as an extension to your existing building.

You can also choose the exterior look you want. Brick slips tend to me the most used, but cedral cladding is also very popular and there is a selection of colours and styles to choose from. Or if you prefer to render the outside that again can be painted in a range of colours.

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How we do it

sip construction

Day one, the ground is made good, prepared and the Sole Plates are laid.

sip panels

SIP panels are erected. These comprise of 2 layers of oriented strand board (OSB) with a core of premium carbon treated expanded polystyrene which is sandwiched in between and provides the insulation.

sip frames

The roof frames are installed and a waterproof membrane is then encased around the building which keeps your extension watertight.

sip extension boards

Any windows are typically installed at this point. The roof boards are fitted and waterproofed and the external structure is fitted with Forma Boards ready for the Brick Slips to be installed.

sip extension tiles

The roof is completed with your choice of tiles. The installation of the Brick Slips now begins. We have a wide range of finishing options available for your extension so we’re confident we can closely match your home.

sip house

The installation of the Brick Slips is completed and this is then pointed to give it both the look and feel of a brick build. Our SIPs extensions can be completed in the fraction of a time taken to build one with conventional bricks and with minimum fuss.

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