When your job involves working with conservatories there is one question you get asked a lot – why do conservatories get so hot in the summer.

Fortunately, we know the answer and we are also able to explain how to rectify the problem. In fact, rectifying the problem is a large part of what we do.

In this post we will look into why conservatories are so hot and then what you can do about it. The second part will be somewhat lengthier…

Conservatories are so hot in summer because their roofs are unsuited to the task of keeping the room within a pleasant temperature range.

Most conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, neither material is fit for purpose. Using the same material commonly found in greenhouses turns conservatories into greenhouses, the roof amplifies the temperature rather than dampening it.

In summer, any conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof becomes a virtual sauna while in winter the opposite is true.

You might wonder why conservatories have glass or polycarbonate roofs if neither is a suitable material, the answer is that they used to be the only permissible options. Anyone buying a conservatory was left with a choice between two bad options, not that the roofs would have been sold that way at the time…

That then brings us to part two – what can be done about it?

Sadly there is no fix that doesn’t involve a bit of additional work – some opt for conservatory blinds but, while an attractive addition, these do precious little to alter the temperature. Often coming in at several thousand pounds when custom fitted to the exact dimensions of a conservatory, they are an expensive extra addition that achieves little.

At PCL Building Products Ltd, we are approved manufacturers and installers of SupaLite Tiled Conservatories. SupaLite replacement conservatory roofs are a more fundamental solution – one with regulatory backing and that has been used by many thousands of conservatory owners.

We replace the roof, removing the glass or polycarbonate roof and in its place installing one of our solid, lightweight tiled roofs.

It used to be that any would-be conservatory owner had to opt for glass or polycarbonate, since regulations changed in 2006 that is no longer the case and solid, lightweight roofs are permissible. Of those roofs, SupaLite is the established market leader with benefits that stand apart.

By choosing PCL, you are choosing a company approved to manufacture and install these roofs, and so only deal with one company, helping to minimise cost and also streamline the process.

As with all tiled replacement conservatory roofs, the aim is to swap a roof that cannot regulate temperature with one that can – SupaLite roofs have a U-value that is a stunning 0.18, no alternate roof beats this figure.

It is this change to a roof that can keep the temperature within a pleasant range that transforms any conservatory and makes it a room that can be used all year round for any purpose. The wide range of interior finishes can turn it into a second lounge, or a games room, or a home office, or any other use.

As the name implies, the SupaLite Roof is also the lightest replacement roof available – and we should point out here that you should never opt for a roof that goes on without replacing the existing roof, otherwise the overall weight is likely to lead to future collapse.

Our new ExtraLight tiles are much lighter than existing roofing structures and the aluminium frame we use also greatly reduces the weight of the roof – with so much weight saved, the roof is suitable for any existing conservatory structure.

This might all sound a bit too good to be true, replace the roof and turn a conservatory into a superb room, but it is only correcting an issue that should never have existed in the first place. Conservatories weren’t sold as being flawed, homeowners only discovered the issues once the sun started shining, we are simply rectifying the problem.

On this site there is a wealth of information. There are FAQs, downloadable brochures and certificates showing the roof’s performance. There are case studies, testimonials, image galleries and technical specifications.

Please take the time to have a look around and get in touch with any queries. The roofs have full JHAI approval and come with a 25-year guarantee on the tile and ax expected lifespan of 50 years.

SupaLite Tiled Conservatory Roof systems, built and installed by PCL Building Products Limited, are the solution to the problem of why conservatories are so hot in the summer.

Fix the roof, fix the problem.