What is a Warm Conservatory Roof?

What is a warm conservatory roof?

As we know, hot air rises, so a warm conservatory roof is one that is well-insulated and sealed so that warmth stays where you want it. The problem is that the typical conservatory roof is nothing of the sort. 

Poorly insulated glass combined with badly fitting doors and an insubstantial roof all too often make a conservatory feel like a fridge in the winter. The energy that you pump in with radiators or portable heaters leaks straight out into the environment. No amount of rugs, cuddly throws or draught excluders will make that space a cosy retreat once the temperatures start to fall. A leaky conservatory will suck all the warmth from the rest of your house too.

So what is a homeowner to do short of knocking the whole thing down? 

Fortunately, our warm conservatory roof system provides all the answers. Our system will put you back in control of the temperature and give you a relaxed room that you can use all year round.

What is the best material for a conservatory roof?

We know that polycarbonate and glass don’t give the benefits our customers need, so we offer solid tiled conservatory roofs made from top quality, long lasting materials that require minimal maintenance.

Most importantly, or conservatory roofs provide unrivalled levels of insulation. A warm roof for your conservatory will have thermal properties far beyond those required by the latest building regulations. 

What are considered to be the best conservatory roof tiles?

The tiles on a conservatory roof need to be lightweight and strong. You can customize the appearance of your warm roof by selecting the colour and finish of the tiles from our range here

Will my tiled roof conservatory be dark?

Our warm roof design ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice the natural light and view of the sky, which are such attractive features of a conservatory. We can fit insulated glass panels or window vents  into your conservatory roof to let the sunshine in whilst keeping the cold out.

Which conservatory roof will suit the style of my house?

It’s essential that your conservatory complements the design of your house. Otherwise, it will look like an unplanned afterthought. Our warm roof systems come in a range of styles, from an orangery roof with a vaulted lantern ceiling to a simple lean-to style. You can find our full range of warm roof styles here.

Is a conservatory roof replacement the same as roof cladding?

Not at all! Our warm roof replacement system is completely different from cladding, which is a material placed over an existing roof structure.

Your bespoke solid-tiled roof will be designed according to the dimensions of your conservatory.  Our skilled team will install it after removing your entire existing conservatory roof. It sounds like a big job, but in a few days, you will have a new roof, a plastered ceiling and ceiling lights ready for you to move into.

Cladding is cheaper than a warm roof system, but it won’t save you much money on your energy bills and won’t be long before you need to replace it. 

You may be surprised at how affordable a high-quality replacement conservatory roof can be.  If you use our online quick quote form, here you can find out how much a new roof for your conservatory will cost.

The benefits of a warm roof conservatory

The benefits of our warm roof system go beyond its ability to keep your room warm in the winter, slashing your heating bills. The same temperature regulation properties will also keep it cool in summer when all-glass conservatories can become uncomfortably hot and suffer from sun glare.

You will be surprised at how quiet your renovated conservatory is. The high level of insulation will keep out noise as well as the cold. Traffic noise, torrential rain and howling winds will be much reduced, allowing you to relax in peace and comfort.

You can read some testimonials from customers who have had warm conservatory roofs installed here.

Why not find out more about PCL replacement roofs by browsing our website or chatting with our friendly team by phoning 0161 300 4900?

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