People selling substandard products that they pretend are well-known superior products. It’s an age old story.

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There were probably people passing off stringy monkey meat as prime mammoth meat in the days of Fred Flintstone.  And what these types of cons have in common throughout the ages is taking advantage of people’s trusting nature and lack of knowledge. That they won’t know for certain that what they are being told isn’t true.

In our world, this specifically relates to cowboys conning consumers with inferior cladovers, claiming them to be the market-leading SupaLite Tiled Conservatory Roof.

Only when the conservatory roof doesn’t perform as promised do homeowners begin to question what they were told and what they have been sold, and the con comes to light.

An example of this occurred recently and was featured in the home and glass products magazine, GGP Mag.

They reported how Durham Trading Standards were contacted by a homeowner complaining about their new ‘SupaLite Roof’

Conservatory Con-Artists

They found not only had a local company been misrepresenting themselves as sellers of SupaLite Roofs but had also misdiagnosed roofing problems, performed shoddy work and, to add insult to injury, overcharged them for the fake goods and rubbish service.

When they were – thankfully – brought to book – SupaLite acted as a witness against them.

Managing Director of SupaLite, Steve Hacking, told GGP Mag:

“We were informed by Durham Trading Standards that a homeowner had complained about a SupaLite roof installation. As with any case of this nature, we conducted a thorough investigation. It quickly became clear that this was in fact yet another cladover, falsely sold as a SupaLite tiled roof.

“This is sadly becoming an all too common issue, where companies brazenly claim to offer SupaLite roofs and ultimately cause damage by delivering a botched and frankly dangerous cladover.

“ We fight cases just like this on a regular basis, as we look to protect both consumers and the SupaLite name. We therefore urge homeowners to check our website to make sure companies are actually registered installers of our roof system.”

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As for the cladover cowboys in Durham. There was a happy ending.

The two people involved were jailed for 32 months

Full source story from GGP is here