The Cure for Cold Conservatories

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One of the great laments from conservatory owners everywhere is, ‘Why? Why does it get so cold in winter?!’

It is okay to admit that conservatories are not an effective barrier against the creeping fingers of Jack Frost. They get cold. You have to dress for the outdoors to sit in your own home. They leech the warmth from your house and crank up those heating bills.

This is because conservatories are not built with insulation.

Here at PCL Building Products Limited, we have found a way around this problem that can upgrade your house in several ways while still retaining those lovely panoramic windows.

How does a warm roof work?

A PCL Tiled Roof replaces thin and ineffective glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofing. If you don’t want to opt for a full conservatory conversion, warm roofs are an economical way to make your conservatory habitable in winter.

A warm roof is a tiled, lightweight and fully insulated alternative to traditional conservatory roofing. Its multi-layered design ventilates your conservatory, retains heat and makes the space into a more substantial and sophisticated part of the house.

A warm roof has three main benefits:

  • The insulation allows you to control the internal temperature of your conservatory, transforming it into a practical space that can be used all year round
  • With an incredible thermal U-Value of 0.13 to 0.18, you can save money on energy bills by using less heating in winter and less air conditioning in summer
  • The appearance of your conservatory will be improved by a tiled exterior and plaster-finished internal ceiling, complete with roof vents, sky vista glass panels and electric lighting

Adaptable to any style and design, a warm roof will give you back a part of your house you never realised needed to be reclaimed. Install a toasty log burner in there and watch the snow come down.

Leaf through our brochures to get a better understanding of warm roof design. Alternatively, you can find out more about our replacement roofs by visiting our website or phoning 0161 300 4900.

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