With the sun shining and shoots starting to bud early on the trees it makes you want to see flowers blossoming inside your conservatory as well as out in your garden.
Your conservatory may just be an extra space for your family or guests to enjoy, either as a second lounge or somewhere to entertain your guests when they come round to visit. You may choose to decorate your conservatory with traditional furniture or make it a little more modern, but no matter how your conservatory looks, there is always room for a few plants! Not only will it brighten up the space but can turn your room into a pretty walk-in indoor garden.
We may all dedicate some time through the year to tend to our gardens but why not decorate the interior of your conservatory too?
The temperature of your conservatory
Often the type of plants that you can have in your conservatory depends on the temperature you keep the room, as different plants will thrive in different conditions. A warm conservatory would generally be between 15 and 20°C and would be ideal for tropical and sub-tropical plants.
A cooler conservatory, which has a winter night temperature of around 4°C – 7°C, would be better suited towards more tender plants. There is also such a thing as an intermediate conservatory with a winter temperature of around 10°C that provides ideal conditions for a variety of plants.
Tropical and sub-tropical plants
There are a range of different plants that would be suitable for a warm conservatory. Columnea produce yellow, orange or red tubular flowers and is an ideal hanging plant.
Another great plant to place in your conservatory is Hibiscus; large papery flowers with dark green glossy leaves that would really brighten up the space. Saintpaulia, or African Violet, produce several flushes of flowers each year in good light, which would be perfect in the window of your conservatory.

Tender plants
For the cooler conservatory, you can choose from a range of suitable flowering plants such as Narcissi, Tulips and Snowdrops. Cyclamen produces attractive foliage with swept-back flowers on long stalks. Some are even sweetly perfumed for that extra touch.
Solanum, or Winter Cherry, produce orange or red berries amongst dark green leaves for a very festive feel.
Of course you can also choose from foliage plants such as cacti and yucca, which require a well-lit spot in winter. Yucca, or Cane Tree, bear a crown of leathery, green leaves on a woody trunk.