2023! New year, new Conservatory Roof replacement!

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New year, new plans. New conservatory roof replacement!

The first couple of months can be a great period to start planning for the new year.

More and more people are now opting to work from home. Working from the kitchen table or up in the bedroom can become quite claustrophobic and irritating.

New Conservatory Roof replacement
conservatory roof conversion to a cost effective, energy saving solid roof.

If you have a conservatory and it is not being used due to the extreme temperatures in that room, have you considered removing the existing roof and having a Supalite lightweight warm system tiled roof installed? In just a few days we can have installed a new fully insulated, solid thermally efficient roof and we can plaster the inside too to give you an elegant interior finish to match the stunning exterior!.

All you have to do is paint the ceiling once the plaster has dried out. Your conservatory then becomes a multi-functional space at a fraction of the price of an extension.  A room you can use 365 days a year. Should you wish to open up the adjoining room, we can also do this and make any redesign you would like.  Should you wish to upgrade your windows and doors this can all be done at the same time. A whole new look in a very short time.

Or we could build you an extension from structurally insulated panels which are 3 times stronger than traditional build, slimmer yet with super insulation properties giving you more space than traditional build and can be erected in a fraction of the time of traditional build.

The SIP panels are manufactured in our factory, so there is no cold spotting. And so much less mess and disruption for you.  The extension can be either built on the footprint of your conservatory, or we can create a base from scratch for you.  All is dependent on the site survey and would be discussed with you.

Pcl building products- garden room
Garden room, home office and pods.

If you would rather have a free-standing room in your garden, we can also build you that.  Again, using structurally insulated panels that are perfect for the job.  You can choose from a brick slip exterior, render or cladding. Bi fold doors tend to be very popular with the garden rooms, but it really all depends on how you wish to use this room.

A garden room, an office, a business, an annexe, a pod, somewhere for your child returning home to live, or an elderly parent.  Whatever you would like building as a one storey space we are here to help you.


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