Is your home difficult to sell. Has it devalued?

The ways that a homeowner can lose money on a property when trying to sell are as follows: 

  • Kerb appeal or lack of– long grass, big weeds, uneven driveway, unkempt bushes, stray bikes, rotten cars under covers, etc all turn a buyer off.
  • The physical state of the building– damaged fencing, gates, rotten wood, rotten doors and windows, broken windows, pointing missing from the bricks, big holes which haven’t been filled,

So far we’ve barely got out of the car and decided not to buy already! unless we are a landlord or property developer in which case we’ve found an excellent reason to knock thousands off your asking price!

  • Internal decor: Condition of wallpaper, age, cleanliness of the walls. is it peeling off, has it been done recently? has it been done properly? are there large cracks in the walls, dents from door handles, etc…
  • Security of the home:  Alarmed, any CCTV, are gates and fences secure and high, external lights, locking windows, modern doors, strong glass.
  • State of the woodwork: Skirtings, door frames, stairs, stair rails, kitchen cupboards, worktops, flooring, window frames etc.. any damage from pets, toddlers, or weevils will be apparent and off-putting.
  • Smell:   Most buyers know to take a deep breath and smell the air… Nicotine, pet dander human waste, and rubbish, are all put-offs.  Tidy Up! shampoo the rug and carpets, and get some plug-ins. bath the dog!!
  • DAMP & Mould: Not just Unsightly it’s unhealthy!  Mould has always been bad for human beings, it gets in our lungs and causes us to develop respiratory problems, infections, asthma, COPD, and pneumonia. clean it and fix it asap for your own health more than anything.
  • Noisy Neighbours – Neighbourly disputes!   obvious signs of neighbourly disputes are also a turn-off, especially if it’s your neighbour causing the trouble and maybe vandalism. no one wants to live next door to a nasty piece of work!
  • Crime Rates:  Are your crime stats high? be aware of this as it could potentially put off buyers due to higher insurance premiums.
  • Tired damaged conservatory or roof:  you may not mind that drip drip drip in the corner and perhaps you put a bucket there, but a buyer will take one look and think Negligence. If a simple repair hasn’t been done, is it worth looking around the rest of the house where potential structural problems will not have been fixed?
  • Tired kitchen: Doors hanging off, Door not level, veneer peeling, exposed woodchip in the worktops, mouldy grout, all not good signs.  New doors and bleach costs very little and will add some value! get some clothes and have a proper clean-up before a viewing!
  • Tired Bathroom: Stained toilets, smelly floor, stained sink, mouldy grout, mouldy sealant, damaged tiles, and dirty tiles all are a big put-off.

So the simple options are thus… You don’t need to spend a fortune doing up your house to sell it, you just need to tidy up and get things looking their best! elbow grease costs nothing but can gain quite a lot!

If you are running short of space, why not add some. We will happily give you a no-obligation quote on an extension, or to replace that tired old conservatory roof.


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