Is A New Conservatory Roof Worth The Cost?

Leanto slate or tile conservatory roof

You may be disappointed with how your conservatory looks or how it performs in winter and summer, but is a new replacement conservatory roof worth the cost?

Like most things in life, the right answer is: “it depends”.

For the cost to be justified, it has to remedy the problem with your conservatory and make it usable all year round. 

It might be, though, that even that is not enough to convince you to pay for a replacement conservatory roof.

You might want the work to pay for itself in terms of added property value or to make the house more aesthetically appealing. 

In this post, we will look at the benefits of a high-quality new conservatory roof, in the process helping you to come to an informed decision.

The fundamental flaw of conservatories 

The majority of conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof because they were the only materials permitted until around a decade ago.

Neither of these materials is fit for purpose. Glass might last longer than polycarbonate and be a more visually appealing choice, but neither can regulate the temperature. In summer, any conservatory with these roofs becomes uncomfortably hot, often a virtual sauna. In winter, they are cold, often only kept at a pleasant temperature with the heating on almost 24/7.supalite roof

A room bought with the hope it would be a superb space instead becomes off-limits for much of the year, perhaps only used as extra, expensive storage.

Changing to a solid, lightweight tiled conservatory roof can change this.

In the remainder of this post, we will talk about the product we manufacture and install.

Better Insulated

A high-quality tiled conservatory roof is shown to make the conservatory usable as the roof is so much more energy efficient. Our roofs have a U-value of 0.18.

In real terms, this means that in summer, the room will be pleasant but not hot while in winter more heat is retained.

Independent research by AECOM has studied the effect of replacement roofs and found that their energy efficiency leads to significant energy bill savings, these equating to around £200 per year on a typical property. 

This is the biggest benefit of a new conservatory roof, it turns a flawed space into one that can be used all year round for a range of purposes.

The conservatory becomes a room that can be a home office, a games room, or an extra lounge.

An Affordable Extension?

The conservatory becomes a room with all the uses of a superb extension, just without the sizeable price tag.

Putting a price on creating a room that is usable all year round is difficult, the value will vary very much by the individual – how valuable is having that extra room to you and your family? 

There can be a sense that having seemingly wasted initial money on a conservatory it is best to avoid further expense, a counterargument would be that paying for a new roof is a relatively small expense if it essentially gets you a great new room.

It might only correct the problems inherent in the initial roof, but when you’re sitting in the improved conservatory it might seem like money well spent.

Low Disruption Cost

The cost is also low in terms of disruption. With a new conservatory roof from PCL, typically it takes just a few days to remove the old roof and replace it with the new, lightweight structure.

Our roofs are also the lightest available and so suitable for any conservatory structure. They have all the benefits of the tiled roof on top of the rest of your house, yet are lightweight and suitable to fit onto a conservatory frame.

Financially, the work often pays for itself and more besides too. This is because any would-be buyer is getting a great room, rather than what they know to be a flawed space. They will see the office, or lounge created, a room that is light and airy but has a solid roof and the feel of a quality extension. 

The conservatory becomes a hybrid, a room with the advantages of both an extension and conservatory. A look at our online gallery will show many examples of conservatories with new roofs as well as before and after shots. solid conservatory legal

Ultimately, the question of whether a conservatory roof is worth it is a personal one – it will depend on your finances and whether home improvements are a high priority.

However, a new roof puts right a wrong, they turn a flawed room into a superb space and they potentially add value and reduce ongoing energy bill costs. 

On this site, there is a wealth of information and we have included some key links below.

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