Once your conservatory has been built, complete with its SupaLite conservatory roof of course, you now have that great extra space for you and your family while ensuring your new conservatory remains at an ambient temperature all year round, even when there’s snow on the ground outside.

Possibly the most fun you could have with your conservatory is to decorate it and put your own touch on it. Finding a design that you like and that works with your conservatory could pose a challenge, but we’ve found a few ideas that could be perfect for your new conservatory.

Soft and floral design

Many could be put off by a floral design, labelling it as predictable or maybe too feminine. A contemporary take on a floral interior design could include contrasting different prints and even adding cool, metallic colours to avoid making your conservatory too girly. Other soft furnishings such as throws can also add a different edge to the finished look.

Bold prints

Create a room that stands out and add bold designs and patterns to your conservatory. If you’re feeling brave, use a patterned wallpaper to enhance the overall finished look of your conservatory. If you aren’t quite so sure, use bold colours or prints in the accessories you use to furnish the room such as cushions or blinds.

Eclectic and vintage

A rather different approach to decorating your conservatory is to just have an eclectic mix of different styles. Picking up pieces such as ornaments, framed prints or even sculptures that take your fancy will build up to reflect your personality, even if they do not necessarily all match. This could start to build up a rather vintage look to the room that may even be different to the rest of your home.

Colour scheme

When it comes to the interior design of your conservatory, sometimes simplicity works just as well as choosing something braver. Decide on a colour scheme for the room and use it for your decorations or accents around the room, such as the skirting boards or lampshades to add that extra touch.

If you find that you aren’t using your conservatory to its full potential, maybe due to it being cold over the winter months, get in touch with us today to see how a SupaLite solid tiled roof can make a difference!