Our gardens can be tricky to get right; thanks to our ever-changing weather and often wet conditions, getting out in the garden isn’t always an easy feat. Now that we’re nearing the end of summer, many homeowners may simply give up on their gardens and wait for next year’s good weather. However, there’s so much you can do in the garden throughout the next month to make sure it continues looking great, even if the weather is turning dull.

If you have a conservatory or bi-folding doors and you want to ensure you have a great view even through autumn and winter, the team here at PCL have a few tips to help you make the most of your garden in the coming weeks.

Improve the view

If the view from your conservatory window isn’t too great at the minute, there are plenty of little jobs you can do to make a difference. You might notice gaps in your borders as your summer plants begin to wilt; luckily, you can fill these gaps with autumn flowering plants. Plants such as chrysanthemum, dahlias and primroses will flower in the autumn and winter so that your garden continues to look beautiful.

The annual and perennial plants in your garden will need continuous deadheading to make sure they last longer; just because we’re heading towards winter doesn’t mean your gardens must suffer!

Prepare your garden for next year

You may want to start thinking about next year and making sure that your spring garden is going to look equally as beautiful as the here and now. Consider planting spring-flowering bulbs ready for the season; these include daffodils and crocus.

If you have any herbaceous perennials in your garden, such as geranium and delphinium, now is the time to divide them as the weather is getting cooler. The plants will come back each year, and dividing them is an easy way to encourage new plants.

Look after your lawn

It’s normal to give your lawn a little pick-me-up around September, mostly to make sure they will last through the winter. Make sure you tackle any moss; treat it with a mosskiller and remove the dead moss. Look out for a layer of old grass clippings and other debris, known as thatch, as this can hinder drainage and encourage weeds to grow.

You may also want to perk up your lawn by using an autumn fertiliser; this will help roots to develop. Make sure it is an autumn one and not a spring one, as they contain different ingredients!

It might sound like hard work, but looking after your garden will mean you can enjoy it for months to come, no matter what season it is.