How To Insulate A Conservatory Roof

Insulate A Conservatory Roof

A conservatory should be a light and airy place to entertain or to sit and view your beautiful garden.

However, when temperatures drop, many conservatories become too chilly to use. Your beautiful – and costly –  conservatory becomes home to a pile of ironing rather than the relaxed space you had hoped for.

If your conservatory is out of bounds due to temperature problems, then you may be asking yourself how to insulate your conservatory roof to make the space usable all year round.


Don’t despair; a conservatory roof replacement from PCL will turn your conservatory into the cosy and livable space you always wanted. Our warm roofs add an extra dimension to your home, reducing energy bills and increasing the value of your property. Your only problem will be finding a new location for the ironing board.

How to make a conservatory roof warmer 

The reason why your conservatory is cold enough to act as an overflow for your fridge is because of the material that has been used for the roof, usually polycarbonate or glass.

Although widely used, neither material has the insulating qualities needed to protect you when outside temperatures begin to fall. 

You may find the space just as uncomfortable in the summer as polycarbonate and glass both intensify sunshine, making your conservatory stifling hot, exposing you to unwanted UV rays and causing your textiles to fade.  

Blinds, cooling fans in summer and electric heaters in the winter are sticking plasters that won’t solve this essential problem and will cost you more.

Appropriate insulation is the only solution. A thermally efficient replacement conservatory roof from PCL will significantly improve the temperature regulation of your conservatory and allow you to use the space in comfort all year round. 

What is the best insulation for a conservatory roof? 

We asked ourselves the same question and we found the answer in our tiled conservatory roof system. Your whole roof will be removed and replaced with a smart, strong and properly insulated warm roof in a matter of days.

Our tiled warm roof replacement system is the product of extensive research. It has been tried, tested, and designed to comply with all building control standards. The insulation in the roofs has a typical U-value of 0.15 but can be as low as 0.12. The U-value refers to the amount of heat that can pass through the material and our roofs are even more efficient than current building regulation requirements. 

You will be delighted with the difference that your stylish replacement roof makes to your life.

The conservatory will stay warm in the winter months without escalating fuel bills. In the summer it will stay cool and that uncomfortable solar glare will be eliminated. The tiled and insulated roof will also cut down on the noise of rain, wind and birds clattering around on your roof. 

PCL replacement conservatory roofs are made of extremely durable materials and all the roofing components have a ten-year guarantee.

How to insulate your conservatory roof in style Insulate A Conservatory Roof


We know that you want your replacement roof to look great and blend in with the style of the rest of your conservatory and your house, so we provide a number of different roof styles and tile colours.


If you are wondering how to insulate a lean-to conservatory roof or where to find a replacement roof to complement a Victorian or other architectural style, browse our range here.


Your roof can be fitted with double-glazed skylights or glass panels to maximise light and add the wow factor. 

What is the cheapest way to insulate a conservatory roof?


We like to offer great prices to our customers but we never compromise on quality. If you choose a cheap fix for your conservatory roof, you will probably regret it in time and you may have to spend more money to sort out problems later. You can get a no-obligation quotation by filling in our online form here.


Get it right the first time with PCL quality products and you’ll be reaping the rewards in energy savings and extra usable space in no time. You can read some testimonials from delighted customers here.

Why not find out more about PCL replacement roofs by browsing our website or chatting with our friendly team by phoning 0161 300 4900?

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