Have you found yourself working from home almost exclusively in 2020, a pattern that seems set to become the new normal?

Has much of this time been spent at the kitchen table, or maybe on the couch? Maybe, don’t tell the boss, you’ve even spent some of your time working from bed.

None of this is ideal for productivity or for your health. In the office, we have ergonomic work chairs, desks at the right height and everything set up in a professional manner.

At home, maybe it’s a little more haphazard.  Who knew when buying home furniture, they would end up working from home during a global pandemic.

The move to increased home working is going to demand necessary changes to the home. Part of the home will have to be more work like, perhaps a space that is clearly defined for work.

For some this will be relatively easy, a spare, never-used bedroom can easily be repurposed. 

However, not everyone is in this lucky position. 

For many who find themselves needing a dedicated place to work, there could be two compelling options – converting your existing, flawed conservatory into a home office  by adding a tiled roof or having a Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) extension installed –  extensions that are far quicker to install than a traditional brick and mortar offering.

Converting the conservatory

If you have a conservatory already you may see it as largely a wasted space. Most are; they are too hot in the summer and too cold in winter, you wouldn’t give much thought to making it your home office.

The flaws can, though, be easily eradicated through a simple roof replacement.

Most conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, until 2010 these were the only material that were permissible. Unfortunately, neither is fit for purpose as they can’t regulate heater effectively.

Modern, lightweight tiled replacements can now be fitted. At PCL we manufacture and install the SupaLite system, this the lightest replacement roof available and so suitable for any existing conservatory frame.

As shown by verified, independent reviews on the AllChecked website, the SupaLite roof truly transforms any conservatory, turning it into a room that is useable all year round, and one that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

The change effectively turns the conservatory into a room more in keeping with a modern extension, it is still light and airy but it is also cosy and relaxing all year round. Put a desk and chair in, carry the laptop in and you have a home office.

There are other benefits to upgrading the roof too. You replace a glass or polycarbonate roof with a tiled one styled to fit in with the rest of your property.

Energy bills fall too – this because the U value of 0.18 means the room is so much easier to hear in winter. The work often pays for itself too in terms of increased property value – any would-be buyer is now getting a superb extra room rather than a flawed space.

Transforming a conservatory with a replacement roof is often work that makes sense regardless of the need to create a home office. The increased need to work from home merely adds an extra reason to consider this work – you get a room that looks better, can be used for any purpose all year and also creates your much-needed home work station.

Installation of the new roof takes just three days on average so is not a home improvement whereby you will have builders on site for an extended period.

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A SIP Extension

SIP extensions are a modern alternative to traditional brick and mortar extensions.

They are affordable, easy to install and often have design options that are not otherwise available, for instance roof options that take advantage of all available space.

Despite this, they are no less durable – indeed these are the form of extension favoured in much if the United States and Scandinavia, areas with more challenging climates than ours in the UK.

There are many reasons to consider SIP extensions if you feel this form of home improvement might be of interest. They are:

  • SIP extensions are sure to be competitive on price.
  • They are installed with limited time on site
  • They are durable, the panel system is lightweight and yet three times stronger than a traditional build
  • Extra design options are available. Brick cladding is possible, this to give a traditional look, but other options such as cedar cladding are also possible
  • Thermal efficiency – they create a room, or home office, that is easier to heat than a traditional extension. The building method is also environmentally friendly and so this form of extension is increasingly one promoted by government legislation.

You can see a video that outlines the installation process for a

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Next Steps

If you think that a SIPs extension or replacement conservatory roof is an ideal option for your home office, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

At PCL we have a proven track record and universally positive reviews – on the allchecked.com website.

Please do take the time to read them, many of which also include photos both of the project being undertaken and then the finished work.