With the cold weather starting to settle in, and Christmas beginning to creep into everyone’s minds, we start to organise ourselves for family visiting and entertaining guests over the next few weeks.

Our conservatories are a great way to create extra space in our house, but more often than not they become an unwelcoming space in the winter months, mainly down to lack of heat.

Many people worry about their conservatory being too cold and not a suitable room to use for entertaining, shutting the doors on the conservatory as soon as it the temperature starts to drop outside.

But imagine how nice it would be to have a conservatory that you could use all year round, without having to worry about guests being cold or trying to squeeze everyone into your living room.

With having enough space for everyone, you can be the perfect host over the Christmas period, or any other time there is a family event for that matter!

Likewise, you may have realised that your conservatory needs some changes or the cold weather may have highlighted that your conservatory isn’t suitable all year round. Why not look into updating your conservatory in order to get your money’s worth?

Check where your conservatory loses heat

Your conservatory is almost all glass or polycarbonate, which sometimes isn’t the best insulator when the temperature drops to single figures. Imagine how nice it would be to be able to sit in your conservatory in the depths of Winter without shivering or having to wear multiple layers just to sit comfortably!

There are many solutions to making your conservatory suitable all year round and most of these include sourcing where the heat is being lost from, in order to fix it appropriately. The two biggest areas that are most likely to contribute to heat loss are the glass walls and the roof.

It may be worth checking the doors and windows of your conservatory for any drafts as this can obviously have an impact on the level of warmth, and also check what type of floor you have; wood or carpet with a thick underlay would trap the heat better, or place a rug on the floor of your conservatory.

Replacing your conservatory roof

Probably the biggest and most effective solution to ensuring your conservatory maintains an ambient temperature is the SupaLite roof system. The opportunity to have a conservatory roof replacement without the need for planning permission is one not to be passed up on; especially if it makes your conservatory warm even in the middle of winter.

Replacing your roof, while sounding like a bit of a hassle, is something that can be designed and installed with minimal disruption to you. A new roof could transform the space in your conservatory, making it an ideal room for bringing round guests.

A high performance roof system with thermally efficient properties could not only help the overall finish of your conservatory but the exterior would probably be a welcome update from an aesthetics point of view.

If this sounds like the sort of problem you are having with your conservatory, get in touch with a specialist home improvements company, such as PCL Building Products Limited, that can help. Make sure your next winter is perfect with extra space and ideal temperatures by creating a conservatory that you actually want to sit in.