Can Our Garden Rooms Help Beat The Heat?


Proof our Garden Rooms really do turn down the heat!

You really can beat the heat & stay cool in our Garden Rooms.

Today is the 19th of July 2022, and we’re in the midst of the hottest day of the year!

In greater Manchester temperatures are climbing beyond 37C!

The BBC has mentioned that for the first time – parts of the UK have reached temperatures above 40 degrees!

We are hotter than Spain, Cyprus, Egypt, turkey, and the USA!

Yesterday we had temperatures in excess of 35C and a very hot evening with temperatures hitting in the low – mid-20s!

This brings me to the next part of this tale…

Part of my job here at PCL Building Products is to take progression photographs of the products we manufacture, so I see buildings and roofs at all stages of development, but I haven’t been lucky enough to experience the actual changes that our reviews from customers have mentioned. Until TODAY!

I Was following the progress of a garden pod which is quite large at 5×4 metres, It has been designed to be used as a garden room and wine/beer store, so it has 2 separate rooms and separate entrances.

I have to be honest here, but once the pod was put outside the other day, I was easily sidetracked and missed out on some progression, the company director reminded me today and politely suggested I get out and take a look and get some photos!

SO I was surprised to see it was partially cladded, the roof was on, and the Doors were installed, it is not far off being complete with only around 3-4 days left before it can be delivered to its new home.

It looks great even in its current state with its brand new Eurocell anthracite cladding giving us a clue as to how it will stand out from the mass mail order timber pods you see advertised every day. This Truly is a one of a kind Garden room!


When I opened the door and stepped inside the Storage area the temperature change was Instant! I experienced at least a 15-20c drop in temperature within this area! I stepped back outside and was pretty much instantly sweating buckets again! I walked to the front of the unit and saw the twin opening doors were installed but had no glazing as yet, so I thought there was absolutely no way that it was going to be cooler in there, But I was proved wrong! Again, The room was much cooler! Not to the same level as the beer store, but at least 10 degrees different! Still an astonishing amount in this 40C heatwave and with no glass!

Several firsts have been experienced for me today, the 1st being the ridiculous record-breaking temperatures of our UK heatwave! and I’ve finally got proof that these SIPs do an amazing job of keeping the temperature inside of them cool in summer!

PCL Building products have really done their homework and boy do they know their onions, it’s not just marketing spiel when you feel it on your skin! Our customers love these products and I finally see why.
The SIPs panels are fantastic construction material, and because of their insulation properties and the way they are manufactured using Treated OSB to sandwich the insulation they are almost the perfect building product!
Once built into their respective design they are very strong, 3 x stronger than a common brick build equivalent and 7X Stronger than the equivalent timber structure.

U Rating of less than .18 which is pretty much unheard of with traditional building methods and this is how it keeps its temperature so much better.

Also being such a versatile material, it can be built into almost any shape of the building and still retain its strength and longevity! It can be finished in a range of options such as Render, Cladding or Brick slip.

As you can see from the images, It’s a thing of beauty, and that’s the thing, How often do everyday folk get to see behind the cladding of a custom engineered, building.

Should you wish to find out more information about the Pods and Garden rooms we offer,

please get in touch via our contact page, or telephone us on 0161 300 4900.

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