The problems inherent in most conservatories has led to the rise of solid replacement conservatory roofs but are they completely legal? 

The idea behind these roofs is simple – conservatories’ problems stem from the roof, glass or polycarbonate materials that are unfit for purpose. Replacing the roof should therefore remove the problem, turning a flawed conservatory into a superb space.

However, before we come on to whether or not the roofs do transform the room there is a prior question. Are they legal and do conservatory replacement roofs meet building regulations?

The legality of replacement conservatory roofs

The legality question can be answered quickly – replacement conservatory roofs, typically lightweight, tiled roofs are legal, this due to regulatory change in 2010.

Prior to then, conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, essentially a pointless choice with neither fit for purpose. Whichever the homeowner chose, they were setting themselves up for a room that would be too hot in summer, too cold in the winter.

The regulatory change made it permissible to have a solid, lightweight tiled conservatory roof, this either as part of a new conservatory build or replacement for an existing roof.

If you chose a reputable company installing replacement conservatory roofs you will be purchasing a legal product.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs and Building Regs

The issue of building regs is a little more nuanced, the level of approval and the burden placed on the homeowner will vary by product.

All we can do is talk about the replacement conservatory roofing product we are proud to install, the PCL SupaLite Roof system.

Our roofs are guaranteed by building control standards and carry full JHAI approval.

JHAI Ltd is a Corporate Approved Inspector licenced by the Construction Industry Council to give a certified Building Regulations Approval as an alternative to Local Authority Building Standards whilst maintaining the same high standards.

At PCL, we also take care of all building regulations on any customer’s behalf, they are left with a roof that is fully approved and has a 25 year guarantee on tiles (and a life expectancy of 50 years).

There are some who sell ‘solutions’ that do not have any form of approval, and with good reason. An example is conservatory roofs that are clad over the pre-existing glass or polycarbonate structure. This type of work would place an extra weight burden on to the conservatory structure, weight the structure was not designed to take. The result could be the collapse of the conservatory, potentially damaging content inside and even causing injury to anyone inside at the time.

This is in stark contrast to the SupaLite system, a replacement roof that has been shown to withstand extreme conditions, even withstanding the weight of a tree falling on to the roof, as shown here.

Conservatory Replacement Roofs Are Legal – So Which To Choose?

Knowing that a replacement conservatory roof is legal only gets you so far. Which one should you choose?

You will want to carry out your own research, however here is some key information about the SupaLite system.

The roofs we install are the lightest replacement conservatory roofs available, this placing the conservatory structure under the minimal amount of strain. With a SupaLite roof, the lifespan of your conservatory is maximised.

This longevity, backed by lengthy guarantees for materials and workmanship, does not come at the cost of the roof’s ability to carry out its task of making the conservatory usable. Our roofs have a U-value of 0.18, this market leading among replacement roofs. 

In real terms, this means the roofs are superb at regulating temperature, keeping it a pleasant ambient temperature. During the summer, you will find it is no longer a virtual sauna, while in winter it will retain heat far better. An added bonus is that in winter fuel bills will be greatly reduced, the need to keep the heating on 24/7 to keep the conservatory warm is removed.

The SupaLite roof turns any conservatory into what is effectively a sympathetic extension – one that can be used for a wide range of uses.

As shown in the picture gallery, the tiles also come in a range of styles and colours, ensuring your conservatory will blend in with the property rather than looking like a bolt-on. 

On this site, there is a wealth more information, this including a detailed brochure which you can download.

Replacement conservatory roof brochure

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