Conservatory Roof Replacement Stockport

Conservatory Roof Replacement Stockport

If you are looking for a conservatory roof replacement in Stockport, you should consider a warm roof system from PCL Building Products.

Too many Stockport conservatory roofs are draughty, leaking all your expensive heat into the garden. Our lightweight tiled conservatory roofs will keep the warmth in and give you the extra relaxing space you always wanted at an affordable price.


Why does PCL offer the best replacement conservatory roof?

When you compare our warm roofing system with the alternatives, you will see why our Stockport clients love our conservatory roof replacements. 

Replacing a conservatory roof with glass 

Glass is traditional in a conservatory roof; it looks great and gives plenty of natural light. But an entire glass roof needs to be heavily glazed to keep the heat in, and this is seldom the case, making the room cold in the winter. 

In the summer, a glass roof lets in unpleasant sun glare and can become stiflingly hot. 

Stockport rain can be intense, and the sound of it on a glass roof can be deafening.

Glass roofs are high maintenance too, with specialist cleaners required to keep those hard-to-reach panes sparkling clean.

Polycarbonate replacement roofs

Polycarbonate can’t provide an appropriate roof for all Stockport seasons, either. It’s just as poor at insulating as glass and even noisier when the weather gets stormy. 

In addition, polycarbonate deteriorates quickly, discolouring and degrading in the presence of UV light.

PCL replacement conservatory roofs

Our replacement roofs are designed to make your conservatory a great place to enjoy, winter and summer. 

Our Warm Roofs are so named because they keep your conservatory cosy in cold weather. The superior level of insulation they contain also ensures that the temperature is kept comfortable even on the hottest days, making your conservatory an asset to your home life. They also keep out intrusive traffic and weather noise.

The secret to the success of our replacement roof systems for conservatories is that they are made of SIPS panels.

What do warm roof replacements for conservatories look like?

Just as your warm roof will be a customised size and shape, you can also choose its external design,

Our replacement roofs for conservatories in Stockport are covered in lightweight tiles, which are available in a variety of colours and finishes. You can incorporate insulated glass panels or window vents into your warm roof, which will give you plenty of natural light. 

The flexible nature of manufacture means that we can create a roof to complement the design of your home, and our conservatory roofs look equally good on a Victorian property as on a new build.

You can browse all our design options here.

How much will it cost to replace my conservatory roof in Stockport? 

We pride ourselves on offering our Stockport customers choice and quality at a fair price.

Fill in our quick quote form here with the dimensions of your existing conservatory, and we will provide you with an idea of how much a replacement roof for your conservatory would cost.

Next steps 

Ring our friendly sales team on 0161 300 4900. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have about our conservatory roof replacement system. There is also lots of information and advice on our website.

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